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Fishing is fun - that is a known fact. At SGFishingRigz, we find tested & proven fishing products that make your fishing fun & enjoyable.

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Fishing Rods For All Occassions

Fishing Rod Sets Under $200

Complete Fishing Rod Solutions!
We are one of the few tackle shops that provides a complete fishing rod set solution. Our fishing sets comes with Rod, Reel, Braid Line and a free pack to get you started.

Fishing Rods
Rod Sets Under $200 ★★★★★
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Lucas's Favourite Rods

1. Aqualite
Reason: Nothing beats a fish fighting on ultralight tackle. It's like as if you are fighting a bigger fish! It really tests your skill as an angler and trains you to fight fish properly

2. Storm Discovery
Reason: Premium looking, yet affordable. Not only that, worth the price! A strong rod that can certaintly take the abuse.

3. Shimano Bassterra
Reason: Lightweight heavy rated rod with a very nice feel to the tip of the rod. Feels amazing to have it in your hands as an angler.

4. Bibigun
Reason: Short yet strong! Great for kayak and offshore. Very compact and very strong. Even managed to land a Chao Phraya Catfish on this rod suprisingly!

Lures & Baits Selection

Over 100 Different Lures

We stock 100 different lures & baits.
We carry brands from Rapala, Zerek, Shimano, Everest, Duo Lures, Yamashita, Island Anglers, AJVM Salty Bites, Bakau, Shinju, Loka, Autumn Angel, Decoy, Surecatch, Mustad, Yumada, Thirty Four & more.

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Free Kelong Prawns

This Ang Moh has been very generous lately. He is currently giving away 100g Kelong prawns for any purchase above $10. Visit Our store to collect them.

Ben's Favourite Lure

Ben's favourite lure by far is the Countdown Elite (55, 75 and 95) his all time favourite colour being the Gilded Ayu (GDAY).

There are a few specials components to this lure that make it so special.

Firstly it has a tungsten core which heavily contributes to the excellent castability of the lure.

And secondly, the lure is shaped in a way that gives it a phenomenal flutter fall action which is irresistible for many predatory fish.

Fishing Lines, Accessories & Apparels

Terminal Tackle, Lines & Accessories

We are very sentimental about this section. These are the things that can pollute our ocean. So pls do your part. Dont throw nets, hooks, sinkers into the ocean. Practise catch and release where possible. Thanks

Apparels | Fishing Lines | Hooks | Pliers & Bogas | Knives & ScissorsReel Oil | Swivels, Snaps & Rings | Cooler Box, Nets | Tackle Box | Sinkers

Return Your Used Rigs to Us

1. We will be happy to help you discard your old rigs or sinkers.

2. Bring any used rig to our store, we pay 10cents for any used rig or sinker (50g and above). We accept all types and all brands of used rigs & sinkers.

3. All used rigs & sinkers will be properly disposed of by SgFishingRigz. Do not throw any used rigs or sinkers into the Sea, Ponds or Reservoirs.

Thank you for playing a role is protecting our environment. More Info

We are at #01-34, Blk 139 Tampines Street 11

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