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Touristor 50 - Arowana Hunter Lure, Topwater Pencil Lure

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Arowana Hunter Lure
Touristor 50, Topwater Pencil Lure 
Targets Arowana

The An Lure Touristor 50, is a 50mm, 5gram, topwater, floating, pencil bait, fishing lure that is CNCed and made entirely from farmed devil tree wood.

The lure has a slender aerodynamic profile that is contoured into a pinched mid section that extrudes into a flattened rear section that creates maximum splash on hitting the water.

The Touristor 50 can be made to reproduce a dog-walk action on a crank-pause-crank retrieve pattern. When ripped, the lure will push water like a popper from the modest cupped indentation on the face of the lure. On a rapid retrieve with a raised rod tip, this pencil bait will skip and dance over the water’s surface, creating maximum commotion to attract its intended target.

Made from hard wood, the Touristor 50 casts solidly and will not tumble as its reaches it mark. Many anglers in Singapore use this lure to target Arrowana.

About This Lure
Weight: 5g
Length: 50mm
Hooks: #8 Treble Hooks
Type: Topwater, Floating, Pencil Bait
Action: Walk-The-Dog, Pop, Skip and Dance Topwater action
Position: Freshwater/ Saltwater

Touristor 50

Arowana Hunter


arowana Hunter touristor