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Thirty34Four Tadpole 1.6in

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Thirty34Four Tadpole 1.6in

The motivation for developing this worm began with Iebe's words, "I want a fat worm."

 The advantages of worm fat system
for a large ➀ volume, the weight is there is easy to get distance
because ➁ volume is large, fall speed compared to the slim system becomes slow
strong appeal of the appearance because there is ➂ thickness
in reverse The disadvantage is
➀ large volume (thick), so resistance to suction is large

 It looks like this when you raise it roughly.
Recently, the weight of jig heads has been lightened nationwide, and there are many situations in which the mouth is not used unless the worm is shown to the horse mackerel for a longer time.
However, if you make good use of the advantages of the fat system and solve the disadvantages of high resistance to suction, you can do aging more easily. I thought about the shape.
First of all, I put a slid vertically in a round fat-shaped body and asked for softness in the body while keeping the silhouette fat. The image I had at this time was star fruit. The tail part is made into a paddle so that the vibration at the time of action can be greatly produced.
When I tested it with this shape, I found that there were many hits, but the hooking rate of horse mackerel under 15 cm was very poor, and I could not get it in my mouth unless I bent more. So, this time, I put a slid on the side and changed it to a softer and easier to bend shape. "Turple" is the result of searching for a size that overcomes the drawbacks without killing the advantages by using a size of about 1.3 to 1.6 inches.
By inserting a slit, the weight of the worm has become a little lighter, but it is heavier than a normal worm and the flight distance is outstanding. In addition, the increased surface area increases resistance to water and slows down, making it possible to appeal for a long time. This overcomes the drawback of suction resistance.
By using this worm, you can easily operate the strategy with the Ami pattern, which is common all over the country.
In addition, the position of the horizontal slid of the worm is adjusted to the position where the needle tip comes out when the diamond head / stream head is set, so it is devised so that stress is not felt when setting the worm.