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1.2m Tenya & Kayak Bibigun Rod Set ★★★★★ (Free Pack Worth $23)

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Tenya Rod Set
Short, Lightweight & Strong

Recommended by Many Boat Captains
Ideal Rod for Tenya & Offshore Fishing
Holds Up to 10 Kg Fish

The Bibigun Set comes with;

√ 1 x BibiGun Rod ($115)
√ 1 x Shimano Sienna 3000 Reel ($65)
√ 1 x Shimano Kairiki 4-Strand 30lbs Braided Line ($35)
√ 1 x Tenya Starter Pack ($23)
√ Setup & Spooling Services ($15)
N̵̵̵o̵̵̵r̵̵̵m̵̵̵a̵̵̵l̵̵̵ ̵̵̵P̵̵̵r̵̵̵i̵̵̵c̵̵̵e̵̵̵ ̵̵̵:̵̵̵ ̵̵̵$̵̵̵2̵55̵
Now Only : $179

Includes Tenya & Kayak Pack (Worth $23)

1. 35g Red Gold Tenya -  $7.50

About BibiGun

  • Power : Medium (Spinning Rod)
  • Rod Length : 4ft or 1.2m (1pc)
  • Rod Weight : 140g
  • Rod PE : N.A
  • Material : Carbon
  • Guide : Fuji Guides
  • Jig Wt : 80g
  • Max Load Wt : 10kg 

Why You Need a Tenya Rod Set?

At only 4 feet (1.2m), the BibiGun is a short, light yet strong fishing rod. Making it ideal for Tenya fishing and Kayak fishing. The biggest advantage to this fishing rod is it’s length. It is highly suitable for Tenya as the short length allows for increased sensitivity. You feel every bounce of the Tenya and can easily feel the fish bite.

Hit rate for this style of bottom fishing consistently outperforms other styles. The Kohaku Bibi gun action is tuned to detect the faintest bite and power set to hook up any finicky species such as Groupers and Coral Trout.