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Shore & Surfcasting Rod | 4.5m Shimano Vengeance Surf Cast Rod (3pc)

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Vengeance 14.5ft (4.5m) Surf Rod 
Powerful Setup to Catch up-to 15Kg Fish
Best Bang for Your Buck

One of the Best entry level surf rod can follow you all the way in your surf cast adventure. Built with knowledge gain from our more expensive models, the Vengeance surf offers the best bang for buck and is the ideal performance rod for surf anglers.

Model : Shimano Vengeance
Type : 3pc Rod
Length : 14.5ft, 4.5m (Closed Length 1.57m)
Type : Spinning Rod
Casting Weight : 225g
Rod Weight : 635g

Shimano Vengeance RodVengeance Surfcast Rod

About Surf Fishing a.k.a Beach Fishing

You will need a surf casting rod to do surf fishing ak.a Beach Fishing. Surf Casting rods are naturally long in length. They are normally up to 15 feet. This is to allow the angler to make long casts from shore over the waves and out into the sea. Surf cast rods are also strong rods for throwing heavy terminal tackle, and for landing hard-fighting saltwater species such as redfish, snook, stripers, and sharks.

As a general rule, surf cast rod are between 9ft to 12 ft (2.75 to 3.65 meters). You should be able to cast 45-65m using a surf casting rod. Of course, you do not need to throw that far to catch a fish in open waters. The current world record casting distance is 286m or 313 yards.

The minimum sinker weight to cast when surf casting is 55grams (size 2 sinker). You will need a heavier sinker if the water current is strong. Anglers normally prefer to opt for pyramid, spider or bank sinkers for the added stability and convenience.

Live bait is the most effective bait to use for surf fishing (also known as beach fishing). The four best types of live bait for surf fishing are tamban fish, live prawns, live squid and mullet. Different baits will attract different type of fish.

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