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5.5g Shimano Panzar Ex Minnow Lure (Toman & PCK Bass) | Sinking Jerkbait

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Panzar Ex Minnow Lure
7cm (70mm), 5.5g  Lure
Available in 2 Colours; Toman & PCK Bass

The Panzar Ex Minnow uses the AR-C technology by Shimano. The system allows for the minnow to be cast further when rocketed into the air but swims well after landing on the water. With a flat side body, the design of these minnows display a strong flashing effect to attract fish even in murky waters.

A straight retrieve makes a jerkbait swim with a shimmying action. The best action comes when you do a snap-pause retrieve. This gives it an erratic, darting action that drives fish wild. Constructed to dive to no more than 0.7m on a steady retrieve

    Lure Information:
    Lure: Shimano Panzar
    Type: Sinking
    Position: Saltwater/ Freshwater
    Length: 70mm
    Weight: 5g

    Shimano Panzar Sinking Jerkbait