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Braided Line - Shimano Kairiki 4 Strand Braid (30lbs, 40lbs & 50lbs), 300m, Multi Colour & Mantis Green

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Shimano Kairiki 4, Braided Line
Made in Japan
300m Line

Kairiki 4 utilises the same VT Construction Method of braiding technology as Kairiki 8. Featuring four carriers, the new tight weave construction is created by applying high tension at opposing directions during the braiding process. This low stretch, long casting braid is an excellent choice for finesse fishing, where smoothness, sensitivity and castability is fundamental.

Poundage Available
30lbs = 300m, Multi Coloured Line, 0.23mm (13.6 kg)
40lbs = 300m, Mantis Green Line, 0.28mm
50lbs = 300m, Multi Coloured Line, 0.315mm


Shimano Kairiki Braided Line, 30Lbs
Kairiki Line 40lbs Mantis Green
50lbs, 4 Strand Kairiki Line
Shimano Kairiki 50lbs Back