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Offshore Fishing Rigs Pack - 4 Sets of Super Rigs from Boat Rigs Set, Apollo, Long Snood & Sabiki

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Best Fishing Rig Set for Boat Fishing
4 Sets of Super Rigs & 2 Sinkers

This set is a must-have for all anglers going offshore. It includes 4 different rigs to help you get better catches when you are offshore. Ideally, you should attach one rig per fishing rod and see which one gets lucky. 

  1. Heavy Duty Single Apollo (Hook Size 3/0)
    Heavy Duty has a shorter snood and is good to use when the current is strong. The shorter snood prevents your line from getting snag while you wait for one of the bottom fish to take your bait. 

  2. Offshore Bottom Hunter (Hook Size 3/0)
    Offshore Bottom has a mid-range snood and is ideal when the water is calmer. 

  3. Long Snood Bottom Feeder (Hook Size 3/0)
    Long Snood is best used when the boat is anchored or for night fishing where most captains will anchor their boat. The snood is very long and this length helps make the bait looks more natural. 

  4. Multi-Species Double Hunter (Hook Size 1)
    Multi-Species is one of our best rig. You can use this rig to catch smaller fishes while waiting for the big fish to take one of your baits thru Single Apollo, Bottom Hunter or Long Snood. 

  5. Sinker Size 4 (95g) & Size 5 (120g). Use a heavier sinker when the current is stronger. 

The Different Boat Rigs

Heavy Duty Long Snood
Multi Species @ Sickle Fish
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