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Blackcurrant Sinker - 10pcs x 120g Fishing Sinker | Suitable for Tuas Offshore & Southern Island

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Blackcurrant Sinker
10pcs x 120g (Size 5)
Comes with Black Protective Sleeves
Lead is a toxic metal.
The black sleeves prevents your hand from getting into direct contact with the Lead sinker. 

  • Size 5 (120g) sinkers are ideal for Tuas Offshore & Southern Island.
  • You need heavier sinkers for Tuas & Southern waters as the waters at these areas can be very strong.

Important Note About Lead
Lead are toxic.
Lead is a highly poisonous metal affecting almost every organ in the body.

During fishing, it is common for anglers to touch the lead sinkers and then use their hands to hold food or other items. This is dangerous and can indirectly lead to lead poisoning. These protective sleeves will help minimise your contact directly wth lead.