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Relix Ranggong Rig Size 12 & Size 15

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Ranggong Rig

Why Use a Ranggong Rig?
Ranggong rigs are used for bottom fishing from boat. It is ideal for night fishing or when current is very strong. The uniqueness of this rig is you can create an ultra long hook line. The Ranggong spreader design helps prevent this long hook line from entangling with the main line when it is lowered to the bottom.

When you are near corals or wreck, this rig will be excellent to deploy.

You can achor your boat away from the wreck, create a super long hook line and lower the rig and let the bait drift near to the wreck. This decreases the odds of your rig getting caught in the wreck or corals when a fish makes a dash.

How to Set up Ranggong Jig

How to Setup Ranggong Jig