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Ima Gyodo Survivor 50,70 sinking lure

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Ima Gyodo Survivor 50 

The Ima Survivor 50 is a finesse minnow that is easily used. The Survivor flutters while it sinks hence letting it flutter all the way and jigging it up would create action similar to dying fishes struggling up for air but slowly sinking to the bottom. The lure is best worked with lighter lines and softer tips for rods to observe a better fluttering motion.

Type: Minnow

Application: Freshwater & Saltwater

Length: 50mm

Weight: 5g

Buoyancy: Sinking

Dive Depth: 10 to 40cm

Action: Fluttering action upon sinking, erratic darting action when twitched


Ima Gyodo Survivor 70


The Ima Survivor 70S has a body made to cast. Being a mere 11g, it is able to reach incredible distance due to its aerodynamically shaped body.

This lure produces a fluttering action when it falls which has the potential to attract a wide variety of fish.

The Survivor 70S is a fast sinking minnow that mimics injured or dead baitfish due to being able to flutter upon sinking.

The most common way of working this lure would be casting it into deeper water and letting off some slack line with your rod raised up. Once the line slacks (signaling the lure has touched the bottom), start jigging the lure by giving hard jerks on your rod.

Repeat the motion with occasional pauses.


Type: Minnow

Application: Freshwater & Saltwater

Length: 70mm

Weight: 11g

Buoyancy: Fast Sinking

Dive Depth: 20-50cm

Action: Flutters upon sinking / erratic jerking action