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Fruit Sinkers by SGFR (All Sizes) - Protective Fishing Sinkers & Fishing Weights

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SGFR Fruit Sinkers are now back in stock!!
25g, 35g, 50g, 55g, 80g, 95g, 120g and 145g

Pair them with our fishing rigs!!

Why Use Protective Sinkers?

  1.  Sinkers are Made of Lead
  2.  Lead is a Toxic Metal & Dangerous Substance
  3.  The Sleeves prevent your hand from getting into direct contact with the Toxic Lead sinker. 

Sizes of Sinkers Available

Size 0.5 (25g), $0.60 each
Tamban Fishing

Green Grapes - Size 1 (35g) @ $1.00 each
Tamban Fishing, Jetting Fishing & Pond Fishing

Baby Tomatoes - Size 1.5 (50g) @ $1.20 each
Jetty Fishing & Pond Fishing

Fresh Banana - Size 2 (55g) @ $1.40 each
Changi Offshore, Kayak Fishing, Jetty Fishing & Shore Casting

Red Chilli - Size 3 (80g) @ $1.60 each
Changi Offshore, Shore Casting & Jetty Fishing

Blueberry - Size 4 (95g) @ $1.80 each
Southern Islands, Changi Offshore, Jetty Fishing & Shore Casting

Blackcurrant - Size 5 (120g) @ $2.00 each
Tuas Offshore & Southern Island. You need heavier sinkers for Tuas & Southern waters as the waters at these areas can be very strong.

Dragonfruit - Size 6 (145g) @ $2.50 each
Tuas Offshore, Southern Island and Night Fishing. You need heavier sinkers for offshore night fishing as the currents can be very strong.

Durian - Size 12 (200g) @ $4.50 each
Use this sinker the current is very strong or when using a ranggong. A must have sinker for night fishing. 

Note to All Angler's
Please dispose the lead sinkers properly.
Avoid throwing these lead sinkers into the sea.
Wash your hand after direct contact with the sinker. 

Why Use Sinkers?
Sinkers are weights made of poured lead that can be tied or clamped onto your fishing line to help your bait sink to certain depths. The style and weight will depend on conditions such as water depth, size of bait and strength of the current. These weights enhance your lure's anchoring ability. You can cast your line to greater distances with sinkers. When you are on a boat, you will need heavier sinkers to prevent the current from pushing your line to far away from your boat. You can also combine 2 sinkers into your rig.