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Egi Rod | 8ft, Ecooda Egi Rod (Squidding Rod)

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Ecooda Egi Rod
Long, Fast Action & Lightweight
Best Setup for Eging!
Ideal Rod to Catch Your Squids 

Why You Need an Egi Rod?

An Egi rod is also known as a squidding rod. You need a dedicated Egi rod for squid fishing because an Egi Rod is longer, fast action and lightweight rod. Egi Rods are designed with a stiff tipped to allow anglers to transmit action directly to the jig. The rod are quite parabolic for tackling lunging squid without ripping the spikes out. Egi Rods are also designed to work the jigs back in a very aggressive manner. 

About The Ecooda Rod

Power : Medium Light
Rod Length : 8ft or 2.43m (2pc)
Closed Length (1.25m)
Weight : 137g
Rod PE : 0.6~1.5
Material : Carbon
Guide : Anti-Winding LC Guides
Egi Wt : 2.0~3.5g
Drag Power : 6kg

This Egi Rod works well with Everest Egi Jigs

Egi Rod

Egi Rod by SGFishingRigz


When is the Best Time to Catch Squids?
The best time to catch Squids is at high tide. They tend to feed just after dark, and often in the middle of the night. The best days for catching squid come during the new moon. When the night is at its darkest, squid rely on the light produced at dusk and dawn and will capitalise on this light to hunt. When the moon is full and the nights well illuminated, the squid can hunt all night and are not so frenzied around dusk and dawn.

Dates that with New Moon

√ 3 Mar 2022 : 01:34 (3:,  10:,  18:,  25:)
√ 1 April 2022 : 14:24 (1:,    9:,  17:,  23:)
√ 1 May 2022 : 04:28
√ 30 May 2022 : 19:30
√ 29 June 2022 : 10:52
√ 29 July 2022 : 01:54
New Moon Calendar

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