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Bakau Daynight Softworms (5.5cm, 6.5cm, 10.5cm, 13cm)

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Bakau Daynight Softworms
Available in 10 Differents Colours
Available in 4 Sizes; 5.5cm, 6.5cm, 10.5cm, 13cm
Easy-to-use and Versatile! Works at Saltwater & Freshwater

These Daynight Softworms are a versatile set of soft plastic baits that anglers can use at several locations islandwide. They are the new life-like bait the company had developed to look and act like its alive as much as possible. Whether you are a beginner, novice or advanced angler, the Bakau Daynight Softworms is just for you.With its many variants, it is highly efficient in fish trapping. One of the major advantages of using Bakau Daynight Softworms is the incredible pull length. While common soft plastic lures can only stretch up to 1cm before resistance, Bakau Daynight Softworms can pull up to 10cm in length, which is advantageous for anglers who are in for a good fight. 

Moreover, these Daynight Softworms have T-Tail Design which can bring about great water thrashing to attract the attention of nearby fishes. Meanwhile, its asymmetrical body with low centre of gravity allows the lure to have a stable swimming posture, mimicking an actual fish. With its high hook-up ratio, fishes tend to fall into the trap lying in wait within the Daynight Softworms.

Comes in 10 Unique Colours for SG Waters in Different Lengths

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  • PK
  • LY
  • PS


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  • RD


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  • BG
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  • GLOW