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Stingray Hunter Rigs | Targets All Types of Stingray | How to Catch Stingray in Singapore?

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Stingray Hunter Rig
Targets all types of Stingray in Singapore

Targets all types of Stingrays;
√ Blue-spotted fantail ray
√ Mangrove whip ray
√ Blue-spotted stingray
√ Honeycomb whip ray

  • Pulley mechanism reduces snags
  • Suitable for night fishing
  • Tied with Mustad coast lock snap swivel
  • Uses Mustad Long Shank Hooks
  • Ideal for Jetty, Shore and Offshore
Cobia Caught with a Stingray Hunter Rig
Stingray Hunter Rig with a Cobia

Tips on StingRay Fishing

Stingray is one of the most common fish found in Singapore water. It is a bottom feeder staying mostly on sandy patch seabed looking for prey. There are a few types of stingrays on our shoreline. The most common are the long-tail brown stingray, the leopard spot ray, the contour line ray, the eagle stingray, and the hairy tail ray. With the right bait and some luck, it is easy to land a 10kg stingray in Singapore.

What Bait Should I use to Catch Stingray?
If you are targeting big stingrays, Calamari squid and Tamban fish (herring) is often seen as the best stingray bait. However, stingrays take most of the baits present to them. Any small fish, squid, prawn, and sea worm will work as well too. Once hooked, reel in the ray and grab them just behind the eyes and lift them out of the water. Stay clear of the whipping tail while you place the ray down and hold it still.

If you want to avoid catching stingrays, simply fish in deeper water well away from the shallows. And avoid letting your bait hit the ocean bottom. By doing this, the chances of catching a stingray by accident will be lessened.

Will a Stingray die if it swallows a hook?
They can survive if they swallow a hook, even if it is lodged somewhat deep into the stomach, but obviously it is not an ideal situation. It is a common misconception that a hook will dissolve, at least in any kind of rapid rate.

Largest Stingray Caught in Singapore
On 30 July 2020, A professional angler called Alo caught a gigantic 80kg leopard whip ray at Bedok Jetty. It took him nearly three hours to pull it in. It is said that he caught the fish around 7 pm and only manage to reel it in around 10 pm.