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30g Boat Jigs - Ready to Go Boat jigs with Assist Hooks. Best for SG Offshore Water

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30g Everlast Boat Jigs
Ready To Go Boat Jigs
Durable, Tested & Works well in Offshore Waters

Comes with Size #15 Assist Hooks & Split Ring

1 x Size #15 Assist Hooks (BKK Hooks)
1 x Decoy Split Ring Size 3+, 80lb strength

This 30g Boat Jig Setup comes attached with a Size #15 Assist Hooks and a size 3+ Decoy Split Ring. Simply attach the ring to your leader line and you can start jigging. The jig is extremely versatile and suitable for fishing at our offshore saltwater spots such as Tuas, Southern Island & Punggol/Changi. When jigging, do make sure you are using the jigging jigging rod and setup. 

Where to Use the 30g Boat Jigs
30g Silver Shad; This best seller works at all at all spots.
30g Grassy Green; Works well in Punggol & Changi Waters
30g Blue Moon works well at Southern Island & Tuas

30g Boat Jigs

Everlast Jigs 30g Boat Jig SGFR

About Everlast Jigs
This Everlast Jigs by Everest Fishing is suitable for vertical saltwater & freshwater jigging!! 
These jigs have an asymmetrical design! They are designed to impart a gliding action. This gliding action extends how long it takes the jig to reach the bottom. Often, fish want a slower and less aggressive presentation. This is where an asymmetrical jig can make a difference.

Furthermore, the profile of the Everlast jigs causes it to flutter on the drop, drawing the attention of fish. When reeled in quickly, the jigs skips on the water surface like a fleeing baitfish. You can fish it in slow-pitch style as well as using the traditional vertical jigging style. Anglers have had a lot of success with them and we are sure you will too!