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Shimano, Daiwa

Boat Rod | 1.8m Shimano Cruzar Fishing Rod with Daiwa or Shimano Reel | Spooled with Shimano Braided Line

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Shimano Boat Rod with Daiwa or Shimano Reel
Powerful Setup to Catch up-to 7Kg Fish
Best Setup!
Affordable, Durable & Easy to Use
Ideal for Boat Fishing in SG Waters

The Shimano Cruzar 6ft Boat Fishing Rod Set includes:

  1. 6ft (1.8m) Fishing Rod with Medium Power
  2. Spooled with 30lb Shimano Kariki Braided Line. 
  3. Comes with Two Reel Options to choose from
    Daiwa RX LT 3000 Reel (No Warranty) or
    Shimano Sienna 3000 Reel (1 Yr Warranty)
Cost of Set
    1. Shimano 6ft Cruzar Rod $65
    2. Shimano Kairiki 4strand, 30lbs Braid Line $25
    3. Shimano Sienna 3000 Reel $65
    4. T̵o̵t̵a̵l̵ ̵$̵1̵5̵5̵
      Now Only $109

    Free Kit Includes

    1. Original Fishing Rig & Sinker
    2. Swivels x5
    3. Size 4 Sinker

    Easy to Use Boat Rod
    This is one of our best set-ups to use offshore. It'll land you loads of fish!

    Shimano Cruzar Boat Rod

    Shimano Cruzar Boat Rod

    Cruzar 6ft Boat Rod with Sienna 3000 Reel
    Shimano Boat Rod
    Shimano Kairiki Braided Line

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