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Blueberry Sinker - 5pcs x 95g Fishing Sinkers | Suitable for Changi Offshore, Jetty Fishing

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Blueberry Sinker
1st Ever Lead Sinkers with Protective Sleeves
Protect Your Hands from Lead Contamination with these Protective Sleeves

Set of 5 x 95g (Size 4) Lead Sinkers with Blue Protective Sleeves
$1.80 per sinker
Ideal for Southern Islands, Changi Offshore, Jetty Fishing & Shore Casting

Why Every Angler Should Only Use Lead Sinkers with Protective Sleeves?
As lead is toxic, these protective sleeves help anglers protect their hands from direct contact with the lead. The protective sleeve is made of flame retardant polyolefin material.

While touching lead is not the problem, during fishing, it is common for anglers to touch the lead sinkers and then use the same hands to hold food or other items. Once you swallow lead even small particles of lead, this becomes dangerous and can lead to lead poisoning. These protective sleeves will help minimise your contact directly with lead.

More About Lead Poisoning
Lead is a highly poisonous metal affecting almost every organ in the body. Of all the organs, the nervous system is the most affected target in lead toxicity, both in children and adults. The toxicity in children is however of a greater impact than in adults. Once the lead is in the body, it can also be stored in bone for years. Even after exposure stops, the lead can come back into the bloodstream and continue to damage the brain and other organs for years to come.

Please consult your doctor if you think you have been expose to lead contamination.