Sell Your Used Fishing Reels at SGFishingRigz

1. Let SGFishingRigz Sell Your Used Fishing Reels
2. Simple, Hassle Free & Saves You Time

Selling your used fishing gears and reels is a great source of getting some extra cash to buy something new. Instead of posting them on various online market places, why not put your reel at SGFR Store and let us help you sell it. 

What are the benefits:

  1. Saves You time from having to meet potential buyers.
  2. Your buyers can view the reels at our store at their convenient time (we are open everyday)
  3. You do not need to haggle about price.
  4. We help you sell it at your preferred price.
  5. More people will see your product.  More customers = Faster Sale.

SGFishingRigz Commitment to Seller

1. We will create a listing complete with product photos and description of your reels. Your listing will be posted online across our platforms e.g website, carousel within 3 working days. Your reels will also be displayed at our shop for all customers to view. 

2. Our team will also do a quick evaluation and grading of your reels. 

3. Our Charges are as follows;

  • Grade A & B Reels - 10% commission
  • Grade C Reels - 15% commission
  • Grade D Reels - 20% commission


How to Sell Your Reels

To Sell Your Used Reels at our store, please provide the information below. Our team will contact you to arrange for collection of your Reel. 

Seller Agreement

1. I agree and authorised SGFishingRigz to sell the reels provided by me at their shop and all platforms operated by SGFishingrigz.

2. I understand that my Name and contact will be release to the buyer when they make the purchase. Should there be any issues with the reels, SGFishingRigz will refer the buyer to me. 

3. I am declaring that I not selling a spoilt reel. 

4. I understand that if the Reels cannot be sold after 3 months, I will be required to take back the reel. In this event I need to collect the reel within 7 working days. Failing which, SGFR will not be responsible for the reels.