SG Fishing Rigs Promotion - Get 50% Off Our Fishing Rigs

SGFishingRig Promotion

How to Start

Step 1 : Use any of our Rigs to catch any fish (only saltwater and pond fish are allowed. Freshwater Fish from Reservoirs are not applicable).

Step 2 : Once you catch the fish, share your fish photo together with photo of the Rig at your facebook page and tag us (@SGFishingrigz Pte Ltd). Tell us abit about the catch e.g name of fish, time of catch and roughly where did you catch it (you do not need to share the exact fishing spot).

Step 3 : Visit our Shop, Show Your Facebook Page. You can buy the next rig at 50% discount at our shop (2 Rigs per Fish Photo).

How You Can Post at Your Facebook Page

share your fish photo together with photo of the Rig

Use Any of these rigs to qualify for the 50% Promotion;

 We are also giving away 1 Shimano Rod Cruza worth $69 each week to the Angler that catches the most fish with our Rigs. So what are you waiting for. 

How To Take Photo of Fish Caught with the Rigs 

Terms & Conditions

1. This promotion does not apply to our Trusty Tamban Rigs. Fish caught using our Trusty Tamban Rig does not qualify for this promotion.

2. Freshwater Fish caught from Reservoirs does not qualify for this promotion. Please note that you can only use Rigs for Saltwater and Ponds. Please do not use rigs in reservoirs as the bacteria from the bait can contaminate the reservoir.

3. Each fish photo posted on your Facebook allows you to buy any TWO (2) of our Rigs at 50% off. You can buy the rigs from our shop at Paya Lebar Square, #07-04 (click for store location and opening hours).