What To Bring for SGFishingRigz Kayak Fishing

Kayak Fishing

Now that You have sign up for our SGFR Kayak Fishing.

Let us help you with where to meet, what to wear, what to do and Do's & Dont's of Kayak Fishing!

1. Meeting Point
@ KOKOMO Beach Club

131 Pasir Ris Road, Carpark E, Pasir Ris Town Park, (S) 519148. Kokomo Map
KOKOMO Beach Club
Kokomo Beach Club

Find us on the ramp to the left of Kokomo Beach Club, near the kayak storage area.

2. Park or Alight at CarPark E

Carpark E

6hrs of Parking at Carpark E will cost you $7.20 (Car) & $1.20 (Motorcycle)

 Pasir Ris Carpark F

Free Parking is Available at Car Park F

 Pasir Ris Carpark F

The nearest carpark to Kokomo beach is Carpark E. But you may park at Pasir Ris Carpark F which provides free parking (Map of Carpark F) and walk over. If taking taxi, you can drop at carpark E or at Passionwave drop off point and walk towards Kokomo. 

3. What to Wear & Bring

9 Things to Know about SGFR Kayak Fishing

Dress to Kill & Have Fun! 

Dry Bag or waterproof bag
This is essential to keep your belongings dry. You may also bring a fresh change of clothes and toiletries. The dry bag should have a sling which you can latch onto the chair or the ropes on the backspace of the kayak. 

4. About Your Kayak

Hobie Kayaks

Kayak Rental

You will be provided with a Hobie Kayak. These Hobie Kayaks are very stable (they hardly capsized) and are feet peddle operated. Each kayak comes with a minimum of 2 rod holders per pax, as well has front, back and hatch space to store items.

Our guide will help you transport, launch and return the kayak to storage area. 

5. Our Awesome Guide

Dress Code

Our friendly guide will be with you throughout the kayak session. He/She will provide an icebox to store your fish, nets to scoop the fish, pliers to unhook the fish and help you take awesome photographs.

6. Safety Briefing & Life Vest 

SGFR Professional Fishing GuideOur guide will conduct a safety briefing before we start. You will also be provided with a life vest which must be worn at all times. 

7. Ready to Go Fishing Equipment

Fishing Equipment

Prepare necessary equipments needed for your kayak fishing trip! 

    8. Additional Items You May Need

    Tapao Your Lunch & Bring Light Snacks

    • Lunch is not provided except for the Luxurious Package.
      Participants will need to bring their own packed lunch. Snack bars and granola bars work absolute wonders by giving that short sustained burst of energy when you need it. Nothing beats munching in the open seas. 

    • Additional Fishing Equipments
      For experienced participants, feel free to bring more equipments if you want to do luring or jigging. 

    9. Disclaimer

    • Equipment Damages
      For any equipment damage to any of the rented equipment, SGFR will inform the participant of the damages and invoice them accordingly.

    • Capsizing
      Although capsizing is extremely rare. It may happen. In this event, Our trained guides will handle the situation and perform the rescue. Any loss of belongings due to the capsize or accidental events will not be compensated by SGFR as these are acts of nature. Participants will be taught to secured their equipments during the safety briefing.

    • Injuries
      Should an accident happen, our guides may temporarily halt the tour to bring the participant to safety and assist to call for ambulance/paramedics. Our guides are trained to handle minor injuries and have a basic first aid kit.

    • Act of Negligence
      SGFR will not be responsible for any injuries or damages to any equipment or property (Including kelongs) caused by the negligence or wilful misconduct of any of the participants.

    • Rescheduling
      SGFR will allow up to 2 rescheduling of services (for any reason, including expected bad weather). No cancellation is allowed after payment is made. 

    All is done!
    Lets Go Catch Some Fish! 

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