Get Paid for Returning Any Used Fishing Rigs or Sinkers

Protect Our Fishing EnvironmentA. Protect Our Fishing Environment

1. Please dispose all your fishing rigs properly after use.

2. SGFishingRigz will pay 10cents for every used rig or sinker (50g and above) that you return to us. Please bring the used rigs/sinkers (any quantity) to our shop to get your refund. We accept all types and all brands of used rigs/sinkers.

3. All used rigs/sinkers will be properly disposed by SgFishingRigz.

4. Do not throw any used rigs or sinkers into the Sea, Ponds or Reservoirs.

B. Observe These Rules When Fishing

1. Use Catch and Release Hooks when possible.
Read more about Catch & Release Hooks

2. Do not cast Fishing Nets from our jetty and shorelines. Remember to Release Juvenile and all endangered species.

3. Inland fishing Rules
For reservoirs, canals & waterways, you can only fish at designated sites. Fishing in non-designated areas is dangerous and pose safety risks to pedestrians and reservoir users. Do not Climb into canals. The use of live bait is banned as it may contaminate our reservoirs. These rules are enforced by PUB to ensure safety and water quality.

4. PUB takes illegal fishing seriously
Those caught fishing illegally, or using live bait at reservoirs, can be fined up to $3,000. If you spot anyone fishing illegally, call the PUB hotline at 1800-2255-782.

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