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About SgFishingRigz

SgFishingRigz Pte Ltd was started by a group of 3 friends, Haikkel Firdhaus, Lucas Lim & Benjamin Brighton. 

Founders of SGFishingRigz Pte Ltd

As young anglers and owners of the company, we are very clear about what we want.

Make Fishing;
  • An Environmentally friendly sport
  • A place where anglers promote sustainable fishing.
  • A place where young anglers can get help easily and learn all the nooks and crooks of fishing. 

Welcome Temasek Polytechnic
As the three founders are all still schooling, we ask our school Temasek Polytechnic (TP) to help with mentoring and advising the business. And thankfully they said us and Temasek Poly through our lecturers and program managers have been advising our business since. 

Added 3 new co-Founders
As the business grew, we brought in 3 more co-founders, Nic, Harith & Wayne. Wayne helps with our operations and is also our Tik Tok expert. Harith & Nic helps out with our retail shop at Paya Lebar Square. 
SGFishingRigz CoFounders
Industry Experts
We also brought in Industry experts such as Mustad and Marine Stewards to advise us with our vision of sustainable fishing. Mustad is a renowned brand in the fishing Industry while Marine Stewards is the expert in championing sustainable fishing in Singapore.

With the Vision of our founders, advise from our Industry experts and Temasek Poly, today the company has multiple products in our pipelines that promotes sustainable fishing. Some of our products includes;
  • 2022 Fishing Spots Map
    This map focuses on all the legal fishing spots in SG. We hope anglers can avoid fishing at illegal spots and getting caught by the authorities. There are afterall many legal spots in Singapore. This map will be released free to all anglers by Dec 2021.

  • Fruit Sinkers
    Fruit Fishing Sinkers

    While Lead is a common item use by anglers. Lead is actually a toxic metal & dangerous substance. It is a poisonous metal affecting almost every organ in the body. During fishing, it is common for anglers to touch the lead sinkers and then use their hands to hold food or other items. Swallowing or breathing lead particles is dangerous and can indirectly lead to lead poisoning. 

    To help minimise this problem. we created sinkers that comes with a protective sleeve. These sleeves prevent your hand from getting into direct contact with the toxic lead sinker. We then gave the sinkers a fruit name.  We chose a fruit name for this product, because we want anglers to remember that while lead are in abundance, it is actually very dangerous to the angler if not used properly. Fruit Sinkers

  • More Products Coming Soon
    We will be release more products soon. Many are in the pipeline and waiting for trademark clearance and approvals. You will hear from us soon.
Join Us in Our Monthly Q&A
Thank you for visiting our website. We hope, our product lines and services will help you enjoy fishing as a sport. The founders will also be doing monthly Q&A session. Hope to see you there.