Where to Go for Island Fishing in Singapore?

5 Islands in Singapore that you can visit for Island Fishing! 

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Singapore is made up of 63 offshore islands with 62 islands surrounding the main island. From these 62, only 9 islands are are well known among locals and only 5 islands are available for fishing 😭.

Here are the 5;

1. Pulau Hantu (Fishable)
Squid Heaven & Loved by Scuba Divers

Pulau HantuImage credit: @theboatshopasia

The Squid Heaven Island

Located 30 minutes away from Singapore by boat. Pulau Hantu Island is made up of two islets: Hantu Besar (Big Ghost) and Hantu Kecil (Little Ghost). Hantu Besar has two swimming lagoons and a public toilet with fresh water. Both islets have shelters and picnic areas.

The strong current flow and shallow coral reefs make Pulau Hantu a popular spot for fishing, swimming, snorkelling and scuba diving. This place is also known as the Squid Heaven among anglers and loved by scuba divers. This island is fringed by small coral reefs that are home to an abundance of marine life.

Camping is free at Pulau Hantu, but you will need to obtain a Temporary Occupation License from Singapore Land Authority (SLA) with all the necessary information at least seven days in advance.

The elusive Barracuda occasionally frequents the waters at Pulau Hantu. You will be able to spot colourful nudibranchs, butterfly fish, unique species of angelfish, clownfish, crabs, sea slugs, starfish, octopi, and even seahorses. 

How to Get There to Pulau Hantu?
Unfortunately, there are no regular or 
scheduled ferries to Pulau Hantu. You will need to charter a boat (from West Coast Pier or Marina South Pier) to reach Pulau Hantu. A one-way boat charter to the island costs around $200 (maximum capacity 12 pax)

2. Lazarus Island (Fishable)
Great spot for fishing, swimming, picnicking


If you love the sun and beach is your thing, you’ll adore Lazarus Island.

Lazarus Island is a hidden oasis for beach junkies and anglers. It is a 10-minute walk across a bridge that links St John’s island to Lazarus island. Previously known as Pulau Sakijang Pelepah which means “Island of one barking deer and palms”.

Lazarus Island is a great spot for fishing, swimming, picnicking. You will be amazed by the vast species of fish that you can catch there. Popular species that you can catch are blue spotted grouper, clownfish, batfish, small trevally, scads, snappers (emperor snapper, indian snapper & spanish snapper), todaks, fusiliers, breams, tuskfish, pufferfish (poisonous) & rabbitfish etc. 

How to Get to Lazarus Island?
Take a ferry from Marina South Pier to St. John’s Island. Lazarus is a jetty-walk away from St. John’s island. If you intend to stay overnight at these islands, it’s best to pack wisely! There are no amenities or shops, you won’t be able to run out to buy facial wash or tissue. Here are some essentials you’ll need to bring along: all toiletries, wet and dry tissue papers, water and snacks, mosquito repellent and sunblock! 


3. St John Island (Definitely Fishable)
A Paradise for Anglers in Singapore!


Batfish Caught at St John Island

Previously known as Pulau Sakijang Bendera, St. John Island is a paradise for anglers in Singapore.  Here on St John island there are huge opportunity to catch barracuda, snapper, trevallies, fingermarks, half beak, seabass and grouper.

This beautiful island was formerly a quarantine station for cholera, beri-beri and leprosy cases. Today St John’s Island has been transformed into an idyllic getaway with an abundance of outdoor and recreational activities suitable for all ages. Swimming on the beaches and having a picnic with friends and family is a must on the island! You can also go on the St John’s Island Trial or visit the Sisters’ Island Marine Park Public Gallery there.

You can book holiday bungalows/chalets that can accommodate up to 10 people. For organised groups, Holiday Camp 5 offers accommodation for up to 60 people. It is equipped with basic cooking facilities, so you can self-cater or even have a BBQ.

How to Get There to St John Island?

The island can be reached from Marina South Pier by Ferries which depart from Marina South Pier daily. The ferry will also transfer to Kusu Island and back to Marina South Pier. Visit their website for the schedule. Ferry Tickets starts from $15. 

The Famous Bridge that links St John Island to Lazarus Island
Island on the far North is St John Island.

link to St John Island


4. Pulau Ubin (Fishable)
Great Fishing Spot. 
Quarry Fishing in Pulau Ubin is Prohibited


Who does not know of Pulau Ubin! In fact, Pulau Ubin is one of the great fishing spots in Singapore.

The island is located off the north-east coast of Singapore, about 15 minutes by boat (Changi Point Ferry Terminal). Besides fishing, Ubin is also a great spot for outdoor activities such as cycling, canoeing, camping and walk around. The Island is great for both offshore and nearshore fishing. The mangrove areas are good spot to catch wild barramundi and mangrove jack.

There are 6 fishing spots at Pulau Ubin

Nordin Beach (currently closed), Mamam Campsite, Jelutong Campsite, Jelutong Bridge, Puaka Bridge and Pulau Ubin Main Jetty. 

You can also rent a Kayak and kayak all the way up to Pulau Ubin. Kayak Fishing at Pulau Ubin allows you to get close to the mangrove areas and catch the barramundi and mangrove jacks. Kayak Fishing by SGFishingRigz


5. Kusu Island (Fishable)

Kusu IslandPhoto Credit by SG.Marineguide

Kusu IslandPhoto Credit by SG Island Cruise & Ferry

Kusu" means "Tortoise Island" or "Turtle Island" in Hokkien; the island is also known as Peak Island or Pulau Tembakul in Malay. During the lunar ninth month of every year, the Kusu Island pilgrimage attracts thousands of devotees who visit and worship at the Da Bo Gong (Tua Pek Kong) Temple. Besides the Chinese temple, the island is also home to three Malay shrines (Keramat). The Malay shrines or keramats are located at the top of 152 steps at a hillock on Kusu Island. The keramats were built for three members of a pious family – Syed Abdul Rahman, his mother Nenek Ghalib and his sister Puteri Fatimah.

Fishing at Kusu Island is Mainly via the Breakwaters (a.k.a Rock Fishing)!

You can do light rock Fishing or use a crankbait and focus on the groupers. Popular fish here are Todak, Groupers, Blue Hind, Breams etc.

Kusu Island Fishing

Kusu Island Breakwaters

Rocky Fishing Conditions at Kusu Island

Fishing from Kusu Island

Rocks at Kusu IslandImages above are by Island Anglers

Kusu Island is Also Good for Grouper Fishing

Kusu Breakwaters

Grouper Caught at Kusu Island

Grouper Caught at Kusu Island Using Duo Hardcore

Bring your own food as there are no stalls selling food or drinks on Kusu Island. A stand-alone open-air hawker centre is located in the middle of the island but it is only open and running during certain periods of the year, such as during festivals or pilgrimages to the keramats or the temple. No overnight stays are permitted on the island. 

Apart from its sacred sites, Kusu island is known for its tranquillity and popular for its lagoons and pristine beaches


There we have it, the 5 Islands in Singapore that you can visit for Island Fishing. 

Below are popular Islands which you can fish near to the Islands but definitely not on the Island. 

6. Pulau Satumu (Raffles Lighthouse)
You can fish near the Islands but NOT on the Island.

Home to the Raffles Lighthouse, this island is a beauty! Tiny in size, Pulau Satumu is Singapore’s most southern island, located about 14km south of Singapore mainlandand and is surrounded by crystal clear waters and an abundance of marine life. 

It is said that dolphins are occasionally seen near Pulau Satumu. Here the water currents are also very strong. Dont attempt to fish here unless your fishing gear are very strong. You can expect to find many predatory fish such as tuna, rays, salmon, grouper, perch and angelfish. 

7. Pulau Tekukor (Dove Island)
You can fish around the Islands but NOT on the Island.

Pulau Tekukor

Photo Credit by Brice.Li12

Photo Credit by Richard Kuah

large island just off Sentosa, Pulau Tekukor is an unused island that we seldom visit as special permission is required. The island is really long and narrow – one side of it is a beautiful beach, while the other houses a rocky cliff. 

She became a commercial explosives storage facility for the Port of Singapore Authority (PSA) in the 1980s - after the island was enlarged by reclamation of its western shores. Today, there are no known plans for the island and the island remains as mysterious as it long has been.

Mr Richard Kuah Organises trips to Pulau Terkukor for $50 a session. More Info


8. Sultan Shoal Lighthouse
No Fishing Allowed

Sultan Shoal Lighthouse

Image Credit MPA.gov

Located between Jurong Island and Tuas Reclamation Land built in 1895. There are several shipwrecks found scattered along the lighthouse where it becomes perfect place for jigging and bottom fishing.


8. Horsburgh Lighthouse
No Fishing Allowed Near Island 

Horsburgh is located about 54km (34 miles) east of Singapore. Fishing boats are not allowed to come into close proximity of the lighthouse. The surrounding waters are patrolled by the Police Coast Guard 24/7.

The whole area, including Pedra Branca and middle rocks (a rock formation south west of Pedra Branca), is only visible during low tide. The lighthouse is on a giant submerged plateau which is raised 50 meters above the seabed. Of course, all these formation, makes the lighthouse the perfect gathering place for fish especially red snappers and groupers. The water current here is also extremely strong.

But yes, this place is out of bounds. Lets hope the fish use this place to grow and breed and send their newer generations over nearer to our shore. 

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