Things to Pack For Your Fishing Trip

Checklist of Things to Bring For Your Fishing Trip (Non Offshore)

Things to Bring For Your Fishing Trip

1. Tackle Box

  • Meiho Tackle Box
    Fishing tackle boxes helps you stay organised. They have lots of different compartments for sorting all your hooks, lures, bobbers, swivels, snaps, jig heads and so on.

    We are big fans of the Meiho Tackle Box. They are extremely durable and built as a modular system. This means you can always add the accessories e.g Tackle Case, Cushion Seat, Rod Handle etc along the way. 

    2. What to Carry in Your Fishing Tackle Box

    These are the basics that we recommend for you to have in your tackle box;

    • Fishing Pliers
      Get those that do not rust easily. Good Pliers can cut lines, straighten hooks or unhooking your fish.

    • Scissors
      The scissors is for you to cut your baits. We recommend the scissors from Kohaku (Excellent in cutting braid line, baits and almost anything)

    • Nylon Lines/leader line

    • Fish Lip Grip / Fish Boga
      A Good Boga has a built in weighing scale and allows you to measure your fish weight very easily. If you want something that is light, bring a Fish Lip Grip instead. We recommend Rapala Floating Fish Gripper as it doesnt hurt the Fish.

    • Fishing Sinkers
      For Jetty, use sinker size 0.5 to 1.5, for Kayak, Size 2 to 3 and for Boat, size 5 to 10.

      • Size 1 (35g) : Tamban, Jetty & Pond Fishing
      • Size 1.5 (50g) : Jetty & Pond Fishing
      • Size 2 (55g) : Changi Offshore, Kayak Fishing & Shore Casting
      • Size 3 (80g) : Changi Offshore, Shore Casting & Jetty Fishing
      • Size 4 (95g) : Southern Islands, Changi Offshore & Shore Casting
      • Size 5 (120g) : Tuas Offshore & Southern Island.
      • Size 6 (145g) : Tuas Offshore, Southern Island & Offshore Night Fishing


    3. Tackle Case
    What To Put Inside Your Tackle Case?

    Your tackle case is part of your Tackle Box. Most anglers will have multiple tackle case. One for lures, one for hooks, swivels, snaps and one for sinkers.

    • Fishing Hooks
      Size 1/0, 2/0 & 3/0 are most popular for SG Waters
      Size 1 & 6 are more popular for Jetty Fishing

    • Snap & Swivels
      You can read about when to use swivels & snaps and what are their differences. More Info on Snaps & Swivels

    4. Optional Fishing Gears & Accessories

    • Air Pump
      Your live bait needs Oxygen + Batteries

    • Collapsible Fishing Bucket 
      To Store Your live Prawns. Fish Loves live bait.

    • Multi-Purpose Cooler Box
      This is more applicable if you are going in a big group or has a car. Before the trip, use it to store Refreshments & Ice. After the trip, use it to store the fish that you catch. 

    • Floats
      Especially if you are fishing at reservoirs or ponds

    • Waterproof Measuring Tape
      This will be helpful in helping you measure your fish.

    • Fishing Gloves
      Gloves provides the extra layer of protection for your hands. It can save your from line cuts, hook sticks, sun exposure and fish teeth.

    • Crab Nets
      Some anglers also prefer to "kill 2 birds with a stone". It doesnt take that much effort and time to deploy one. And if you are lucky, you will get both fish and crabs in your crab net. Chicken legs are the preferred baits for crabs. They are cheap and is a solid bait. This means they last longer and dont disintegrate easily when in water. 

    • Pouch
      If you are doing a quick fishing trip (a few hours, you may want to get a fishing pouch instead). This is to store your tackle case and some accessories

    • Fish Stringers


      5. Non Fishing Items You Need

      • Polarized Sunglasses
        Polarized lenses are a great option for anyone who spends time outdoors. Polarized lenses not only reduce glare, they make images appear sharper and clearer, increasing visual clarity and comfort.

      • Sunglass Leash

      • Sunblock Lotion (SPF 50 & Above)

      • Mosquito Repellant

      • Fishing Hat

      • Neck Gaiter

      • UV Protective Shirt / Arms Sleeve

      • Headlights (A Must for Night Fishing)

      • Seasick Pills
        They are available from Guardian. Get those that are non-drowsy.

      • Waterproof Phone Casing or Ziplock Bags
        You never know when the phone might drop out of your hands, especially when the wave is strong. 

      • Lunch, Snacks & Drinks
        At least 2L of water, powerbar snacks, granalo bars. Make sure you bring proper lunch if you are doing Island Fishing.

      • Rock Shoes
        They are extremely important if you are planning to fish from breakwaters or rocky areas.

      6. Lures

      As lures, fishing rods and Reels caters to different fishing styles and preference, we have not included this. 

      7. Last But Not Least! 

      Remember to wash your equipments after each fishing trip. This will extend the lifetime of your equipments and save you money from having to keep buying new equipments. Dont throw your used rigs or waste into the sea. Dispose them responsibly. 

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