What is Ajing Fishing & Where are the Popular Ajing Spots in Singapore

Ajing Fishing is a specialized light game coming from Japan that focuses on catching Horse Mackerel, also known as Aji.

Originating from Japan, anglers in Singapore quickly realized that in highly pressured waters like Singapore, ajing was a way to catch many fish successfully. Unfortunately, Singapore does not have the Japanese horse mackerel; therefore, ajing enthusiasts target large amounts of scad species, small trevally and colourful "reef fish". One of the most popular fish targeted is the yellowtail scad AKA "Selar".  If you want to try out ajing, you will have to downsize your tackle to match the fish you are targeting; therefore, for ajing, ultralight gear is preferable.

Popular Ajing Spots in Singapore:

  • Bedok Jetty
  • Labrador Park Jetty
  • St John Island
  • Kusu Island
  • Marina South Pier AKA MSP
  • Marina Cruise Centre MCC
  • Pulau Hantu

Best Equipment for Ajing Fishing:

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Ajing Fishing in SG


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