How to Use Mussels as Bait

Using Mussels as BaitMussels are a prime source of food for fish in seawater and freshwater. That makes them an ideal bait for fishing

Here's how to Use Mussels as Bait;

1. Grap Some Fresh Mussels &
Scoop the Meat Out


Remember to Keep The Mussels Juice

2. Put The Meat & Juice in a Airtight Bag
& Freeze The Meat Overnight

Once the fresh mussels are frozen into a solid block. Baiting the hook is as simple as cutting a chunk of frozen mussel from the block and threading that over the hook.

3. Use a Single Apollo or Double Apollo Rig with Size 3/0 Hook
Attached The Mussels to the Hook


4. Use a Elastic Thread to Secure the Mussels to the Hook
Go as Many Rounds as Possible! 


. Final Presentation of Bait
This is How Your Bait Should Look Like

6. Cast Your Bait & Wait....

Remember to Keep You Lines Tight 

Enjoy The Scenery While Waiting for The Fish...


Snappers, Groupers
Loves Mussels, Clams, Squids & Small Fishes

Most fish species will readily accept a well presented mussel as bait. Mussels works well for both pelagic and bottom feeding fish. Snappers Loves Fresh Baits.

These are the things you will need 

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