Top 5 Crankbaits to Catch Groupers, Singapore Shorefishing

What is a Crankbait?

Crankbait is a lure with a plastic lip that dives underwater when it is reeled in. Crankbaits are used to target fish at specific depths. The length and angle of the plastic lip is what determines the depth that the bait can reach.

The Top 5 Crankbaits for Shore Fishing by The Crankbait expert, Ryan Angler! 

 1. Norman DD

Reaching up to 18+ feet (5.5m) on a long cast, the Norman DD Crankbaits feature a precisely angled bill that creates a naturalized attitude, enabling them to come through and over obstructions easily. The Norman DD Crankbait is built with a butyrate body and a boisterous rattles system that works to create a distinct acoustic profile.

2. Duel Hardcore Crank 4+

Duel Hardcore Crank come in a various depth. The 4+ means its goes up to 4 meter (12-14ft), 3+ goes up to 3 meter (9-12ft) and mr60 which goes about 2+ meter (6-9 ft). This is good for casting and it floats very fast. It is quite effortless on the cranking.


3. Duo Realis Crank 11a M65

Duo Realis Crank M65 11A Crankbaits are made for fishing in depths of 10 to 12 feet.  The Crank M65 11a is very buoyant and very stable especially around rocks, weeds and wood. This lure will outlast similar crankbaits due to its internal construction and the structure of the lip.

4. Storm Arashi

The Storm Arashi is a shallow diving crankbait. It is compact profiled, tear drop shaped, shallow diving 5.5cm, 14grams, floating crankbait, fishing lure, that is designed for sub-surface action. When you hit until the structure it actually bounces back so the snaging rate is lesser.

5. Megabass Knuckle 60

The Megabass  Knuckle 60 is a teardrop shaped, roundish profiled, 60mm, 10.63grams (3/8oz), floating crankbait fishing lure that is designed for both (1) sub-surface and (2) mid-water diving action. The Knuckle 60, will produce a vigorous wobbling action on a constant retrieve, allowing it to reflect light off its flanks. Should the lure touch the surface bed as it is being retrieved, it will dart and bounce around obstacles due to its unique hydro dynamic shape. 

Best Terrains To Find Groupers

Groupers like to prowl around such rocky terrains!

How To Use Crankbaits

When the terrain is very rocky, naturally, there will be a-lot of of corals, barnacles and other structures. All these structures will attract crustaceans, squids, octopus and fish. This in return, will attract Groupers who tend to prowl around the shallow reefs for food. 

When fishing at shallow waters, use crankbaits that are about 2 to 5 inches (5 cm to 13 cm). It will generally dive 1 to 5 feet (0.3m to 1.5m) and is primarily used for very shallow water, weed-infested water or for fish that are high in the water column. 

Cast the crankbait out to the sea, and slowly retrieve inwards to where the rocks and corals are. Generally you should run a crankbait into the bottom e.g a boulder or reefs. This will make the crankbait ricochet, rebound or do something that disrupts its steady, wiggling rhythm. This abrupt change in the crankbait action triggers reflex strikes from groupers or other hunters. 

A low gear ratio reel, like a 5.2:1, is also ideal for crankbait fishing. Crankbaits work best when retrieved at lower speeds. Your rod should be at least be 7 feet long, and you will want a smooth reel and a line with a slim diameter. 

Remember to wear proper waterproof shoes when fishing at rocky terrains. It is very slippery and you dont want to fall on the sharp edged rocks.

There you have it,
5 crankbaits recommended by our crankbait expert. 

  • Norman DD (Depth of 5m, 18ft)

  • Duel Hardcore Crank 4+ (Depth of 4m, 12-14ft)

  • Duo Realis Crank 11a M65

  • Storm Arashi

  • Megabass Knuckle 60

All these crankbaits are all available at SGFishingRigz. We also have another popular crankbait that is effective in catching groupers, the Zerek Giant Ruby.

Ryan Angler

Ryan is the founder and director of Yumada Fishing Pte Ltd. Yumada specialises in Yumada Jigs (which are also found at SGFishingRigz).

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