Important Tips on Getting to & Leaving Pulau Ubin

Things to Take Note When Going Fishing at Pulau Ubin

1. Getting to Pulau Ubin
This Can be Tricky......

Changi Point Ferry Terminal

Opening Hrs of Changi Point Ferry Terminal

BumBoat at Changi ferry terminal

Take Bumboat from Changi Point Ferry Terminal

Singapore to Ubin is a 15mins Bumboat Ride. While the signage at Changi Point Ferry terminal shows domestic is 24hrs, the bumboat to Pulau Ubin can be tricky since it operates from 5.30am daily to 9pm while most boatmen ends work at 6pm. 

How Much to Go Ubin?

The price for the boat ride is $4 per pax irregardless of Adult or Children + additional charge of $2 per bicycle (luckily there are no extra charges for fishing equipments). Only cash is accepted and no tickets will be issued. Pay on the boat directly to the driver. 

The bumboat will only leave when there are 12 passengers. If you are going alone, be prepared to join other groups and if you have more than 12 people in your group, you will be separated. If you want to travel in style, pay $48 to the boat man and the boat is all yours to Pulau Ubin. 

2. Getting back from Pulau Ubin (Important ) 

There is no fixed departure timing since the boatman needs 12 people before it leaves Ubin Jetty. If you are not planning to camp overnight, we do recommended that you take the boat before 6pm when it is actually the fish bite time.

After 6pm, there are very little passengers going back to Main land. You will have to pay $48 for the trip. To complicate things further, most boatmen ends work at 6pm, so do make your own private arrangement with the boatmen (when at Singapore or when you first land in Ubin). They are happy to provide their phone numbers. Of course, if you are angler and you are caught stranded on Pulau Ubin, that could be good news by itself! 

3. What to Expect at Pulau Ubin! 

Pulau Ubin

Food, Taxi Services & Bicycle Shops are everywhere except Halal Food! 

Once you are out from the jetty, there are many shops where you can buy food and drinks near the Jetty. There will be rows and rows of shops offering bicycle rentals and even book a local taxi service. However, the only Muslim Eatery on Ubin is Open on Weekends only.

Pak Ali’s Coffeeshop is Located just beside the jetty entrance. This shop is the only Muslim shop on the island. They sell Malay dishes, such as lontong, mee rebus, nasi campur, nasi lemak, mee siam, etc. Opening hours is from 6.30am to 3pm (weekends only).


4. Basic Essentials To Bring to Ubin

  • Cash is King Here
    There are no ATM and credit card, debit card. Paylah, paynow, grabpay are not widely accepted here. There are ATMs at Changi Village where you can withdraw money before hopping to Ubin.
  • Mosquito Repellent & Sunblock
    You cannot run away from the mosquitoes. Make sure you bring your repellent, if not you can still buy it on the island as long as you have cash.
  • Do Not Bring Escooters
  • Bring At least 1.5L of Drinking Water
    You can always buy more water on the island ($$$). Do note that the tap water is not potable!

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