Top 7 Prawning Spots in Singapore

Singapore Top Prawning Ponds

Prawning Fun Fact! 
Prawning in Singapore is defined as catching prawns, generally freshwater prawns. The “Giant Freshwater Prawn,” a.k.a “Malaysian Prawn” can grow to a shocking size of over 12 inches (30cm)!

Things to Note Before Prawning

Setting Up Your Prawning Rig 

The Prawning Setup consists of thin pole rod, braid line with a slid-able float, connected to a swivel, line and prawning hook. This prawning gear will normally be provided by the prawning place. However, going in for the first time can be confusing due to the rig adjustment to follow the water dept, baits selection, and getting the right method to hook the prawn. 

Three Common Mistakes to Avoid When Prawning!

1. Not considering the depth of the pond

These prawns tend to spend most of their time at the bottom of the pond. If your hook is not at the bottom or just above the bottom of the pond, it can change your average hourly catch rate from 8-20 to a mere 0-5 prawns. 

To maximise your catch rate, you want to make sure your hook is at the base of the pond after you cast. To achieve this, look for the depth guide. Most prawning ponds will have a “depth guide” at pillars surrounding the pond. If there is no pond depth, simply stick the butt of the rod vertically in the water until it reaches the bottom to get an estimation of the dept. You can now adjust your float to better suit the pond. 

To adjust the float, simply slide your float up and down the braided line until the line is roughly the depth of the pond. The more accurate you get in doing this, the better will be your catches. 

2. The selection of baits

Most ponds offer many types of baits, which can often be confusing. Most ponds supply cut meat as bait which is perfectly fine and catches you many prawns. However, a combination of the cut meat and earthworm works best. The worm can generally be purchased at the counters of the ponds for a small fee. However, we feel it makes a difference. 

Beginners will often try and put as much bait as possible on the hook; however, this is not advised. We tend just lightly to tip the hook with a small amount of bait. This ensures a good hookup ratio and lowers the waiting time for the prawn to pull the float down.

3. Setting the hook

Many feel that gently lifting the rod tip will increase your chances of hooking the prawn; however, it is the opposite. When a pro lands the prawn, the hook has penetrated some sort of “shell”, such as hooking the tail or by the side of the mouth. 

So the important thing to keep in mind is to try setting the hook with a quick flick of the wrist. This provides the highest hook-up ratio. There is a little secret technique in the hookset. Sometimes the prawns will take the float and travel in a specific direction with the bait. If you set the hook towards the direction they are travelling, you may rip the hook away. 

Ok, Lets Start Prawning!
The 7 Prawning Places in Singapore

​​1. D’Best Prawning (Air-Conditioned 😊)
From $14/hr

Dbest Prawning Pond

Dbest Air-Conditioned Prawning Pond

Located at Pasir Ris Town Park, Dbest recently created a new saltwater prawning pond, that we just love. It is slightly different compared to the freshwater versions, the catch rate tends to be slightly smaller, however, the prawn make up for it in taste and size!

Dbest is the biggest pay pond complex in Singapore, with many different types of ponds filled with fish and crabs. Some of these fish are huge, after you catch your prawns, some choose to use their prawns as bait to catch big fish like groupers and snappers. 

Dbest Prawning Rates (*Add-on time charged $18/hr)

  • 1hr : $20
  • 2hrs : $33 ($16.5/hr)
  • 3hrs : $43 ($14/hr)

Dbest Opening hours: 
Monday - Friday (Closed on Tuesdays) : 10am to 10pm
Sat/Sun, Eve & PH : 9am to 10pm
Contact: 6581 2123
Address: 96 Pasir Ris Central, Singapore 519638


2. Prawning @ Orto (24hrs)
From $10.80/hr

Orto's prawning pond

Prawning at ORTO is the LARGEST prawning facility in Singapore! Constructed with a total of 10 prawning ponds filled with fresh water prawns and crawfish. It is in our opinion the best freshwater prawning spot in Singapore, not only is the catch rate quite good, the area is extremely clean and has loads of other amenities nearby. 

All baits and rods are also all provided by Orto on your ticket purchase.  

Electric grills are available at Orto’s premises to grill the prawns that you have caught at no extra cost. Definitely a great place to spend a fun afternoon with the family or friends. 

Orto Prawning Rates

  • 1hr : $20
  • 2hrs : $30 ($15/hr)
  • 3hrs : $38 ($12.67/hr)
  • 5hrs (1 rod) : $58 ($11.60/hr)
  • 10hrs (2 rods) : $108 ($10.80/hr)

Orto's Opening hours: Daily, 24 hours
Address: 81 Lorong Chencharu, #01-09, Singapore 769198

3. ATC Fishing Village @ Jurong Hill (24hrs)
From $10/hr

Tagged prawns @ ATC Fishing Village

ATC fishing village is just beside Jurong Hill costing a minimum of $10/hour, definitely a more accessible location for those living around the Jurong area. 

They also have a Tagged Prawn Rewards system, where you’ll have a chance to win $2, $5, $10 or one free hour of prawning, based on the colour of the tag attached to the prawn. Their Tag Prawns are available from every Friday 6pm to Monday 6am!

ATC Fishing Village Rates

  • 1hr : $20
  • 3hrs : $36 ($12/hr)
  • 10hrs loyalty card : $100* ($10/hr)
    *Only applicable for 2 rods

ATC Fishing Village Opening hours: Daily, 24 hours
Contact: 6265 8268
Address: 241 Jalan Ahmad Ibrahim, Singapore 629143 

4. Ah Hua Fishing @ Pasir Ris (24hrs)
From $12/hr

Located in another secluded area of Singapore, prawning at Ah Hua Fishing is made more enjoyable thanks to its quiet surroundings and fresh air, away from all distractions.

Opened just recently in May this year, they’ve also got Koi Fish Feeding ($1 per bottle) and Pole Fishing (from $25/hour), if prawning isn’t the activity for you.

Ah Hua Fishing Rates

  • 1hr : $20
  • 2hrs + 1hr free : $36 ($12/hr)

Ah Hua Fishing Opening hours: Daily, 24 hours
Contact: 6861 0500 / 9125 2088
Address: 125a Pasir Ris Road, Singapore 519121

5. Hai Bin Prawning @ Punggol (24hrs)
From $13.33/hr

Hai Bin prawns

At Hai Bin Prawning, the more you prawn the more you save. A three-hour prawning session will cost you $40. They also offer corporate rates here, so you can bring your whole team down for some bonding fun.

Hai Bin Prawning also has a Banyan Bar and Kitchen, if you’re keen to feast while waiting for the prawns to bite. With finger food like drumlets, fries and calamari rings, and mains like chicken chops and spaghetti, they also offer fresh tap beer. It’ll be a relaxing end to a long day of prawning!
*Note: Hai Bin @ Sembawang is Permanently Closed since 2020.

Hai Bin Rates per rod

  • 1hr : $22
  • 3hrs : $40 ($13.33/hr)
  • 10hrs card : $110 (valid for 6 months)

Hai Bin Opening hours: Daily, 24 hours
Contact: 6447 8693
Address: 6 Tebing Lane, #01-04, Singapore 828835 

6. Rooftop Indoor Prawning, Fish @ Bugis+
From $13/hr

Bugis' prawning pond

The only rooftop indoor prawn fishing pond and bar in Singapore!

You can engage in a variety of activities on the 7th floor of Bugis+ (across from Bugis Junction), including freshwater and saltwater prawn fishing and children's longkang fishing. Those wishing to unwind and relax over a drink or two may purchase alcoholic beverages at our bar. All of this while admiring the stunning skyline of our city!

Fish @ Bugis+ Rates

  • Children Longkang Fishing : $14/hr, add on $7 for one hour

Saltwater Tiger Prawn Rates 

  • NSF/Poly/ITE/JC/Uni Students : $12/hr
  • 1hr : $20
  • 2hrs : $30 ($15/hr)
  • 3hrs : $39 ($13/hr)

Fish @ Bugis+ Opening hours: Daily, 9am to 6am
Contact: 8338 6530 /
Address: 201 Victoria Street, #07-05, Bugis+ Shopping Centre, Singapore 188067


7. Prawning Under MRT track, Fish @ Ang Mo Kio
From $10.80/hr

Prawning & Longkang fishing at Fish@AMK

Located inside Grassroots’ Club, right beside Yio Chu Kang Mrt/Bus Interchange, is Singapore’s first and only under the train tracks Lobster/Prawn fishing pond which caters to great outdoor and activity. Also, every Tuesday is both their Full Day Happy Hour day, and Double Chop day. Get one extra chop with every hour of Prawning or Longkang fishing from 9am to next morning 6am.

Remember to get their free Loyalty Card, and get one chop for every hour of prawning, longkang fishing or fish spa. Complete 12 chops to get a chance to win. Attractive prizes to be won! 

Fish @ AMK Rates

  • Fish Spa : $15
  • Children Longkang Fishing : $12/hr

Freshwater Big Head Prawn Rates

  • NSF/Poly/ITE/JC/Uni Students : $12/hr
  • 1hr : $20
  • 2hrs : $30 ($15/hr)
  • 3hrs : $39 ($13/hr)
  • 5hrs : $58 ($11.60/hr)
  • 10hrs Value Card : $108 ($10.80/hr)

Seawater Tiger Prawn with Lobster and Crab (Same Pond) Rates

  • NSF/Poly/ITE/JC/Uni Students : $14/hr
  • 1hr : $21
  • 2hrs : $33 ($16.5/hr)
  • 3hrs : $43 ($14.33/hr)
  • 8hrs Tiger Card: $108 ($13.50/hr)

Fish @ AMK Opening hours:  Daily, 9am to 6am
Contact: 8338 6530 /
Address: 190 Ang Mo Kio Ave 8, #8, Singapore 568046

So why has Prawning become so popular?

One reason is that it is a highly convenient hobby, quick way to de-stress and catch up with friends. Most of these ponds are easy to access, and they also have all the gear you need at the location. You can either rent them, or they come with your ticket, depending on where you go.

Happy Fishing & Good Luck with your Prawning! 

Fishing Rods Sets Below $200

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