How to Catch Giant Fish at D'Best Pond Singapore

How to Catch Giant Fish at D'Best Singapore!

Giant Fish at Dbest

Giant Fish at Dbest

Our team, SGFishingRigz had a fun time at D'best Premium Pond at Pasir Ris. We caught a lot of Giant Garoupa, Giant Red Snapper & Giant Barramundi using the latest Mustad Inkvader. 

Introducing The Mustad Inkvader!

The Inkvader is essentially an Octopus Bait. Generally, Octopus are a good bait because Fish likes them but it is not easy to find them in open waters. Because the Octopus is intelligent, they know how to quickly hide themselves when threaten. And fish knows that. So when they see an Octopus roaming around in the open waters, they have to give it a go!  

We manage to catch over 5 Giant fish within 1hour of using the Inkvader Octopus! 

Giant Garoupa @ Dbest Pond with Mustad Ink Vader

Giant Red Snapper with Mustad Ink Vader

Giant Barramundi WIth Mustad Ink Vader

The Inkvader octopus also uses soft materials so that the tentacles can move very naturally in the water. There are a few ways to use this Inkvader to catch fish. You can move it up and down vertically (top down approach). When the Octopus goes down, the tentacles flares open and because it is made of soft material, it looks very natural in water. Alternatively, you can also hop the Octopus along the sea bed or slow troll it along the back of the boat. 

There are 9 different colours for the inkvaders and 7 are based on actual octopus species that you can find in the reefs.

Mustad Inkvader Sold at SGFishingRigz

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