6 Best Fishing Spots at Pulau Ubin

Best Fishing Spots at Pulau Ubin

Pulau Ubin

Pulau UbinImage Credit vanillou

On some days, there is honestly nothing better than getting off the to Pulau Ubin. A short bumboat ride away, this is one of the last two living kampungs in Singapore. Bring your fishing stuffs, hire a bike and lets go fishing!

These are 6 popular land base fishing spots on Pulau Ubin. 

1. Jelutong Bridge

Extremely Popular with Anglers. They call it the "Barra's Den"

Jelutong Bridge


Pulau Ubin Jelutong BridgeJelutong Bridge, Image Credit AJVM

Jelutong Bridge Water Conditions (Low Tide)Water Conditions at Jelutong (Low Tide)

Baras Den Pulau Ubin

Barramundi at Jelutong Bridge

Shiny Lures Works well due to the milky colours of the water here 

Jelutong Bridge is Beside Ah Ma Stall
Opens on Weekends & Holidays (9am to 5pm)

Ah Ma Stall Near Jelutong Bridge

It takes about 20 mins by walking & 7 mins by cycling to reach Jelutong Bridge (from Ubin Jetty).

Jelutong Bridge is a Popular location with Anglers. At the right time and tide, the place is filled with Barramundi's. You can try many fishing styles here from baiting using live prawns, to using luring and even shore casting. We recommend that we try multiple methods to catch the Barramundi's here. Try Using shinier lures as the water at Jelutong can be milky.

When targetting Barramundi, best them to fish for them is 2hrs below the lowest tide and 1 after the lowest tide. There are also other species at Jelutog Bridge from mangrove jack, tarpon, sandfish etc.

Jelutong Bridge is also near to Ah Ma stall! Who doesn't fancy fishing while slurping a nice cold coconut drink right! Do note that Ah Ma stall only operates on weekeds and Public Holidays.  
Map of Jelutong Bridge

2. Puaka Bridge

Near to Toilet Facilities & Campsite.
Puaka Also means Haunted in Malay!

Ubin Puaka Bridge

Puaka Bridge at Ubin

Puaka Bridge is Beside Qiao Tou Da Bo Gong Shrine

German Shrine at Puaka Bridge

Puaka Bridge is also close to Ubin Living Lab. You can find toilet facilities there and camp overnight at Endut Senin Campsite.

Endut Senin Campsite

It takes about 35 mins by walking & 10 mins by cycling to reach Jelutong Bridge (from Ubin Jetty).

This is also a popular spot with anglers. The area is filled with barramundis. 

3. Nordin Beach (Currently Closed) 


4. Mamam Campsite

Good for Shore Casting, Baiting (towards Sungei Mamam) & Crabbing.

Mamam CampsiteMap of Mamam Campsite @ Ubin

Shore casting at Mamam BeachShore Casting (Look at The length of the Left Rod!)
Image Credit LawChang68

The area below (facing mouth of Mamam River) is a good spot for fishing.

Mamam Beach at Pulau Ubin

It takes about 30mins by walking & 10mins by cycling to reach Mamam Campsite (from Ubin Jetty).

On the right side of Mamam Campsite (Mouth of Mamam River) is a good spot for Baiting & Shore Casting. If you are a skilled angler, you can try casting to the mangroves area across. You can also deploy Crab Nets and try your luck while waiting for the fish. 

The right side of Mamam where the campfire pit is, has lots of wooden stilts. At the right time, the place is good for baiting (unfortunately the wooden stilts prevents you from casting far out into Ubin sea). 

5. Jelutong Campsite

Long Beach. Good Spot for Shore Casting or Crabbing, Baiting, Shore Jigging etc.

Jelutong Campsite MapMap of Jelutong Campsite @ Ubin

Wild Barramundi Caught at Jelutung Camspite
Wild Barramundi Caught at Jelutong Campsite (by MqFish)

Jelutong Beach Campsite

Jelutong Beach Pulau UbinImage Credit scindiakarthik

Jelutong Campsite Area

Ubin Jelutong Campsite

Jelutong Campsite is the nearest fishing point from Ubin Jetty. It takes only 7 mins by walking & 2 mins by cycling to reach Jelutong Campsite (It is also the most crowded especially during weekends).

The Campsite is Long. The right part is slightly rocky and you will see many kelongs opposite the campsite. This is a good spots to hunt for pelagics. The left side has more bushes and mangroves. Do expect to bump into wild dogs running around here. 


6. Ubin Main Jetty

Night Fishing at Ubin Jetty

Fishing at Ubin Jetty

Ubin Jetty Fishing

Highly Recommended to do overnight fishing session at Pulau Ubin Main Jetty.

Remember to use fresh squid bait and live prawns to hunt for Barramundi in the rocky coastline. The reward will be satisfying and great! You can go for shore casting or trying baiting. 

Bonus Tip
Kayaking Fishing Around Pulau Ketam

Pulau Ketam at Pulau Ubin

Kayak Fishing at Pulau Ubin

Many boatmen and Kayakers like to do offshore fishing between Ubin and Ketam island. The area is near to kelongs and rich with many types of fish. You can also get many Instagrammable quality sceneries here.

Join our SGFishingRigz Kayak Fishing at Ubin


Strictly No Fishing Zones at Ubin!

1. Chek Jawa

Chek Jawa Pulau Ubin

Chek Jawa is Only open to Public for Visiting Not Fishing! Opening Hours: 9am to 5pm


2. Ubin Quarries

No Fishing is allowed at all these six quarries in Pulau Ubin; Balai Quarry, Kekek Quarry, Ketam Quarry, Pekan Quarry, Petai Quarry and Ubin Quarry.


Basic Necessities to Bring

  • Lots of Cash! There are no ATM and credit card, debit card. Paylah, paynow, grabpay are not widely accepted here. There are ATMs at Changi Village where you can withdraw money before hopping to Ubin.
  • Mosquito Repellent & Sunblock! You cannot run away from the mosquitoes. Make sure you bring your repellent, if not you can still buy it on the island as long as you have cash.
  • Bring At least 1.5L of Drinking Water. You can always buy more water on the island ($$$). Do note that the tap water is not potable!

What to Bring For Your Ubin Fishing?

These are the Basic Fishing Items You Should Have:

  1. Fishing Pliers to cut lines, straighten hooks or unhooking your fish. 
  2. Scissors to cut your baits (We like the kohaku scissors as it cuts anything)
  3. Tackle box to store your hooks, swivels, snaps and lures.
  4. Hooks (Size 1/0, 2/0 & 3/0 Hooks are most popular for SG Waters)
  5. Snap Swivels
  6. Nylon Lines, Leader line
  7. Fish Lip Grip or Fish Boga
    A Good Boga has a built in weighing scale and allows you to measure your fish weight very easily. 
  8. Fishing Sinkers
    For Jetty, use sinker size 0.5 to 1, for Kayak, Size 2 to 3 and for Boat, size 5 to 10. 
  9. Multi Species Rigs. If you are planning to do baiting, try our our pre-tied fishing rigs. Size 1 & 6 works well in pulau ubin
  10. Fishing Lures. If you are planning to do luring, get brighter lures. Be prepared to try different lures as sometimes the fish just dont react to one type of lures. 

Other Optional Gear:

  1. Air Pump to store Live Prawn Bait + Batteries. 
  2. Fishing Bucket (To Store Live Prawns). You can also get plastic prawns if you find it troublesome to carry the live prawns. 
  3. Floats (more commonly used in reservoirs and ponds)
  4. Crab Nets (You can use them while fishing)

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