They Found The Best Bait for Dbest Fishing

Best Bait at Dbest Fishing Pond

We invited some of the best lurers at Dbest Pond. We challenge them to identify the most effective plastic bait for Dbest Pasir Ris Fishing. After 4hrs on Intense Fishing, this is what they found...

To sweeten the deal, the angler that caught the top 3 biggest fish wins an angpow from SgfishingRigz. The prizes were $388, $288, $188 & $88 cash. 

Here's what happen.

D'Best Pasir Ris Squishy Lagoon Competition!

The Challenge was conducted at D'best Pasir Ris Oceanz Kelongz Pond. All Anglers were given unlimited supply of squishy lagoons. They are to catch as many fish as possible and decide which colour works best at Dbest. 

Squishy Lagoons @ Dbest


Within the first few casts, the fish started taking the lure. Here are some of the fish that they caught;

Barramundi with Blackberry


Mangrove Jack with Blackberry


Barramundi with Blackberry

Kim with Blackberry

Mangrove Jack caught with Blackberry

Mangrove Jack with Blackberry

Barramundi with Blackberry

Barramundi with Blackberry

Barramundi with Blackberry


All Anglers concluded that the top 3 colours to use for Dbest is Watermelon, Blackberry & Dragon Fruit. Their top 2 favourite is Watermelon and Blackberry Squishy Lagoon. 

The Top Prize Goes to;

1. 1st Prize; Jason, 3kg Golden Snapper
2. 2nd Prize; David, 1.85 Taiwan Fish
3. 3rd Prize; Vincent, 1.6kg Kim Bak Lor
4. 4th Prize (Most Number of Fish Caught); Alan (over 20 fishes)

Dbest Squishy Lagoon Set

From the advice of these lurers, we have specially created a DBest Squishy Lagoon set. Each set comes with 6 Squishy Lagoon rubber bait consisting of 3 Blackberry and 3 Watermelon.
Purchase the D'best Squishy Lagoon Combo set here.

Good Luck & Stay Fish while Fishing.

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