DBest Fishing Ponds Rates & Charges

The Six Ponds at D'Best & Their Rates 

Pasir Ris Pond

Open 24hours, D'Best Recreation Fishing Pond is Singapore's largest salt water fishing park located next to Pasir Ris Central (S519635). The fishes there are mainly sought locally and abroad and released into the ponds at frequent intervals.

There are 4 ponds within the park and they are all chargeable. 

1. D'Best Main Pond

DBest Main Pond at Pasir Ris

Main Pond at Dbest

D'Best Main Pond Rates!
Main Pond is the biggest pond and most popular with seasoned anglers.

  • 7am to 2pm (7hrs)
    • $52.50 (Weekdays / Eve PH)
    • $63.20 Weekends & PH

  • 2.30pm to 8.30pm (7hrs)
    • $52.50 (Weekdays / Eve PH)
    • $63.20 Weekend & PH

  • 9pm to 6am (9hrs)
    • $46 (Mon to Thurs, Sunday and PH)
    • $52.50 Fri, Sat & Eve PH

2. DBest Pro Pond

DBest Pro Pond

D'Best Pro Pond Rates
Pro-Pond is much smaller than the main pond which means easier catches but costs more. 

Charges for DBest Pro Pond is hourly as follows;

  • $30 for 1 hour,
  • $50 for 2 hours & $70 for 3 hours

    3. D'Best Sure Catch Pond

    Surecatch Pond at Dbest

    Barramundi at Surecatch

    DBest Sure Catch Pond

    Sure Catch Pond Rates
    The Sure Catch pond guarantees that you wont leave empty handed.

    Opens daily 10am to 10pm & 9am to 10pm for weekends and PH.

    • $20 for your first catch at $20
    • Subsequent catches at $15  

    4. D'Best Premium Pond

    DBest Pasir Ris Premium Pond

    Premium Pond at Dbest

    GT Caught at Dbest Premium

    Dbest Premium Fishing

    Premium Pond Rates
    This is where you catch Giant Fish such as GT, Grouper, Golden Snapper, Barramundi & Sea Bass that are from 3kg to 20kg.

    • $160 for 2hrs
    • $200 for 3hours


    5. Oceanz Kelong Pond

    Dbest Kelong Pond

    Kelongz Ponds
    This pond is normally reserved for private events and VIP guest of DBest. 


    5. DBest Prawning Pond

    DBest Prawning Pond

    DBest Prawning Pond

    Dbest recently created a new saltwater prawning pond, that we just love. It is slightly different compared to the freshwater versions, the catch rate tends to be slightly smaller, however, the prawn make up for it in taste and size!

    Dbest Prawning Rates (*Add-on time charged $18/hr)
    • 1hr : $20
    • 2hrs : $33 ($16.5/hr)
    • 3hrs : $43 ($14/hr)

    So there you have it, 6 Different Ponds at D'best and their differences. 

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