SG Fishing Season. When is The Best Time & Month to Fish in Singapore?

The Best Time & Month to Fish in Singapore...

SG Fishing Season

One of the most commonly asked question from anglers; when is the best time to fish in Singapore?

Simply within the question, we will address the best time, months and even the physical geographical attributes (weather/wind/tidal) conditions in Singapore. 

  • By Month 
  • By Time of the day
  • By physical geographical attributes.

1. Fishing Season By Month

    January ; Low Fishing Season

    January is right in the middle of Singapore’s monsoon season. This means HUGE amount of rain. Most charters are not fishing the regional waters, but you will still find excellent night fishing trips in the Southern Islands.

    February : CNY Month! Boat Charters Dont Come Easy.

    Expect to find Snappers, Mackerel & Groups if you can get hold of a boat Charter. Everyone is excited about Chinese New Year celebrations. Fish prices gets expensive due to CNY celebrations and anglers will try to catch them via boat charters, jetty or fishing pond. Unfortunately, charters around this time will cost you more as not many boat captains use this period to spend time with their families on land. 

    March : Start of Fishing Season & More Young Anglers Joining in the Fun.

    Look for Mackerel, Grouper, Snappers, and more! March means Spring and Spring means start of fishing Season. The northeast monsoon season should be over, so expect consistent warm temperatures matched with red hot fishing. The 1 week school holiday in March also means you get to see a more young anglers competing for fishing resources.

    👍 April : Fish On! Fish On! Fish On!
    Excellent Fishing Everywhere

    The fishing is on top form, with Mackerel, Barracuda, Grouper, Parrot Fish, Coral Trout, and many more over reefs and wrecks. Giant Trevally, Queenfish, and Barramundi are also brightening up the day.

    May :  Wild Barramundis + Fasting Month for Muslims.

    The excellent fishing continues and this is also one of the best times to catch Wild Barramundi. Expect difficulty finding Muslim Boatman due to fasting month. 

    Plus you get to show off your skills at the Raffles Marina Fishing Competition! Raffles Marina hosts fishing competitions twice per year, tentatively in May and November. You can register for their Nov competition here. Good Luck! 

    Congrats to Mr Wee Fwu Siong. Winner of Raffles Marina RM Family Day Breakwater Fishing competition (15 May 2022) with the Heaviest catch; A 8.98kg Grouper! 

    Fishing Competition Winner

    June : Fish On But Weather is Hottest Here

    As always, the weather is hot in Singapore. Don’t let that put you off, though, as the dozen are catching Golden Snapper and Barramundi. Get your catch cooked at a floating restaurant and enjoy your time by the cooling water.

    July : Fish On! Fish On! Fish On! 👍👍👍 
    Fish Bite is Literally Everywhere!

    Head towards Southern Islands. July is the time for Coral Trout, Groupers, Snappers, Sweetlips, Perch, Bream, Parrotfish, and Trevallies. They are all hungry and waiting to chew your lines. Many feel the same!

    August : Parrotfish Season! 

    If you’re looking to add a new fish to your list of species, head to the Southern Islands for Spanish Flag Snapper. This is also a good time of year for Parrotfish.

    September : Excellent fishing month! Cobia's in town. 

    Just in case there wasn’t already enough variety for you, Cobia’s in town. These big fish can put up a good fight—and even better eating. This is also peak season for giant Parrotfish.

    October : Excellent fishing continues!

    October’s excellent fishing continues from September, with Spanish Flag Snappers, Bream, Parrotfish, and Golden Snapper making up the to-catch list.

    November : Grouper Fishing + Raffles Marina Boat Fishing Competition!

    Make the most of the excellent bottom fishing before monsoon season sets in. This is prime time for Grouper fishing around the Southern Islands. 
    Raffles Marina Boat Fishing Competition - Second month of potential competitions! There are no scheduled dates yet for November 2022.


    December : Monsoon + Sagai Season

    The perfect storm. This is the month where you get strong North winds but also one of the best month for Sagai (Trevally) a.k.a Ajing Fishing. If strong winds doesnt deter you, then head out to sea and expect to find Spanish Flag Snappers and Coral Trout and say hello to the Sagais (Trevally). Sagai can also be caught from two popular jetty in Singapore (Bedok Jetty & Labrador Park Jetty).



    2. By Time of the day
    Should I fish in the morning, evening & night?

    Generally, the best time of day that is recommended to fish is during sunrise (8 am - 11 am) and sunset (4 pm - 7 pm). Fish are most active around the water's surface at this time. This is because the sun has not risen fully - which leads to a lower temperature in water which fish prefer as compared to the warm surface water in the noontime. This is also known as ‘Solunar’.

    The table below shows the direct comparison of the fishing conditions for the respective timing.

    Time of the day

    Fishing Condition

    Early Morning 
    (5.30am – 9.00am)



    Fish forecast : Excellent
    Considered one of the best times to fish provided you can get our of bed!

    Fishing is excellent just before sunrise to just before mid-morning (normally between 6am to 8am). At this time of the day there is abundant food and cover for fish, so finding hungry fish can be a challenge.

    Also, there is a higher chance for a  small-medium fish as compared to a large fish.

    Mid-Morning to afternoon
    (9.00am – 5.00pm)


    Fish forecast : Poor
    Fishing is poor for most of the time, fish move to deep water to cool off due to the direct heat from the sun shooting on the water surface.

    Sunset to Early Evening
    (5.00pm – 9.00pm)


    Fish forecast : Excellent
    Fishing is excellent from early sunset until dark as the water cools and fish rise up from the depths. The cooling weather enhances the fishing experience.

    Night Fishing 

    (9.00pm - 5.00am)

    Fish forecast : Excellent

    Fishing at night is good if you want to catch larger fish. Big fish prefer to hide during the day as there is usually a large amount of surface activity. Therefore, they hunt for their prey at night, when the surface is calm.

    This means that fishing at night will give you the advantage of catching a large fish instead of a small-medium size fish. When fishing at night, it is recommended to use bait such as tamban or squid.



    3. By Weather (sun, wind, and rain conditions).

    The temperature directly impacts the fish's activity level since they have to keep their body temperature constant. Therefore, the current weather in Singapore plays a crucial role.

    Is it okay to fish in the rain?

    It is not advised to fish during heavy rain, but light precipitation is suitable to fish in. When you know that a storm is incoming, it is best to fish right before the storm, specifically before the cold front hits or when light rain drizzles. This is because the water temperature is still within the suitable range for the fish and has an optimal pressure. Furthermore, the waves increase the water movement of the food on the surface of the water (such as insects), increasing fish activity.

    If the storm has arrived, it is best to wait until the rain subsides. Heavy rain discourages fish activity as there will be less visibility in the water.

    Despite so, cloudy skies condition is also a wonderful time to fish due to the sun being more covered than usual sunny days. This means that the water temperature is cooler, where fish will be more active as their body temperature is constant.

    Not only do you have to watch out for the rain, but another thing to look out for would also be lightning. As our rods generally have a high concentration of carbon, we must look out as they are great electrical conductors.

    4. By Tide

    For tidal conditions, I would recommend a time during the tide change, whether it be from low-high or high-low (incoming and outgoing tide). When the tide changes, the fish will be more active as they move along with the tide changes. However, some anglers prefer to fish in low tide. With more experience, you will soon find fishing spots with good fish activity.

    Depending on the type of fish you are trying to catch, they generally like different current speeds. For example, most pelagic species like a much faster presence, which means you will want to look out for the days with a higher variance between the trough of the tides.

    Apart from the weather condition which are slightly predictable without the use of technology, the specific coastal conditions can be found in the link below. These include geographical factors such as weather, water temperature, swell, tidal heights, tidal coefficient, and tide table. Additionally, the link provides solunar information such as moon rising/setting, solunar activity, moon phase and astronomical observation. This site is a go-to site where every information is available readily whenever one checks for the attributes before heading down to fish.

    A sample of how the page is like:

    Another similar link that provides concurrent coastal conditions:

    Now get all your stuff and you are ready to go!

    Happy Fishing!

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