3 Best Rigs, Baits & Lures to Use at D’Best Pasir Ris Pond

D’Best Saltwater Pond at Pasir Ris D'Best Fishing Pond Map

Open 24hours, DBest is a salt-water pond located at Pasir Ris. The fishes there are mainly sought locally and abroad and released into the ponds at frequent intervals.

There are 5 Ponds at Dbest for you to test your fishing skill with;

  1. Main Pond is the biggest and most popular with seasoned anglers.
  2. Pro-Pond is much smaller than the main pond which means easier catches but costs more. 
  3. Premium Pond is where you catch fish that are from 3kg to 20kg.
  4. Kelong Pond is where Dbest organises private competition
  5. The Sure Catch pond guarantees that you wont leave empty handed.

Pond Fish Behaves Differently!
Understanding of Pond Fish Behaviours will give you a better understanding to catching them. 

Fishes at the smaller ponds are used to feeding on "fish food" rather than chasing for live bait. However since D’best main pond is big enough, it offers different species of fishes different conditions and areas that they can lurk. You are also better to try and change strategies while fishing there.  

Type of Rigs, Baits & Lures to Use at D’Best Pond

1. Soft Plastic Bait;
Squishy Lagoons

Venus at DBest Fishing

Squishy Lagoons


DBest Squishy Lagoon PackDBest Squishy Lagoon

Dbest Squishy Lagoons

This soft plastic bait is extremely fascinating. Whether you are at Dbest Main Pond or Pro Pond, you will definitely get lots of catches with this paddle tail lure. Squishy Lagoons (meansuring 7cm) is extremely effective, easy to use and highly deadly.

We invited over 20 seasoned lurers at D'Best to try the Squishy Lagoons. After 3 hours of non-stop fishing and catching over 100 fishes, they concluded that the best 3 colours for DBest waters are Watermelon, Blackberry & Dragonfruit. Based on their feedback, we created a D'best Combo Set.

Get it here; Dbest Combo Pack 


2. Fishing Rigs:
SGFishingRigz Pond Multiplier Rig

Pond Multiplier Rig

When Baiting, depending on what type of fish you are targeting and the area you are fishing at, different rigs will produce different results. Environmental conditions also play a part. There are no hard and fast rules. Familiarity with the place and your own experience of fishing there is the key. You need more than 1 style of rig. If dead meat doesn't work, try live prawns, if live prawns don't work, try live fish, if bottom fishing don't work, try fishing top or middle using floats, if nothing else don't work, try lures, especially our Squishy Lagoons.

If you are the rigs guys, try our Pond Multiplier Rig. It is very effective in D'Best. Each packet comes with 2 different rigs. One rig comes with a 15g float to target top fishes while the other rig comes with a sinker to target bottom fishes. You can also adjust the length of the rig to suit the different water depths. 


3. Everest Quickcatch Lures
Slow Sinking Jerkbait

Everest Quickcatch Lure

Everest Quickcatch with GT

The GT is a fish that shows no mercy. In the wild, it’s known as an apex predator. These fish are crazy strong and will give you a heck of a ride when you hook one on. They will never go down without a fight. To us anglers, this means Fish On

Being an aggressive gamefish, GT will not hesitate to attack! The Everest QuickCatch helped us score many Juvenille GTs at D’Best. 

The seductive zigzag action and flashing hips of the Everest Quickcatch will catch the interest of even well-fed prey. It can be used in various ways; slowly with long pauses, a simple straight retrieve or the double twitch and pause.

While prawns worked great for Snappers and Barramuni, the Everest QuickCatch helped us score several GTs! Be sure to pack some of Everest QuickCatch Lures before your next trip to D’Best!

Lure: Everest QuickCatch
Colours Used: Bumblebee & Atomic Blue
Length: 80mm, Weight: 10g

Mustad Bucktail

Mustad Bucktail at Dbest Premium Pond

If you are fishing at the premium pond, you can try the Mustad Bucktail. It is a versatile lure with strong hooks that can take on most of the fish at premium pond. Do make sure you have a good rod with you as most of the fishes at premium pond and big. For Sure catch pond, all you need is a simple hook and some rubber lures. 


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