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Best Rigs & Lures to Use at D’Best Pasir Ris Pond

Posted by SGFishing Rigz on

D’Best Saltwater Pond at Pasir Ris D'Best Fishing Pond Map

Open 24hours, DBest is a salt-water pond located at Pasir Ris. The fishes there are mainly sought locally and abroad and released into the ponds at frequent intervals.

You can fish at anyone of these four ponds;

  • The Main Pond is the biggest and most popular with seasoned anglers.
  • The Pro-Pond is much smaller than the main pond which means easier catches but costs more. 
  • The Premium Pond is where you catch fish that are from 3kg to 20kg. 
  • The Sure Catch pond guarantees that you wont leave empty handed. 

Understanding Pond Fish Behaviours

Fishes at the pond are generally more accustomed to feeding on "fish food" rather than chasing for live bait. D’best main pond is big enough that it offers different species of fishes different conditions and areas that they can lurk.

Depending on what type of fish you are targeting more and the area you are fishing at, different rigs will produce different results. Environmental conditions also play a part. There are no hard and fast rules. Familiarity with the place and your own experience of fishing there is the key. You need more than 1 type of rig. If dead meat doesn't work, try live prawns, if live prawns don't work, try live fish, if bottom fishing don't work, try fishing top or middle using floats, if don't work, try lures etc.

Type of Rigs, Lures to Use at D’Best Pond

SGFishingRigz Pond Multiplier Rigs
DBest Pond Rig by SgFishingRigz

If you are fishing at Dbest Main Pond or Pro Pond, you can try our Pond Multiplier Rig. It is very effective in D'Best. Each packet comes with 2 different rigs. One rig comes with a 15g float to target top fishes while the other rig comes with a sinker to target bottom fishes. 

Mustad Bucktail

Mustad Bucktail at Dbest Premium Pond

If you are fishing at the premium pond, you can try lures. Mustad Bucktail works best there. Do make sure you have a good rod with you as most of the fishes at premium pond and big. 

For Sure catch pond, all you need is a simple hook and some rubber lures. 


The Four Ponds at DBest and Their Rates 

D'Best Main Pond
DBest Main Pond at Pasir Ris

D'Best Main Pond rates
  • 7am to 2pm (7hrs) - $52.50 (Weekdays / Eve PH) & $63.20 Weekends & PH
  • 2.30pm to 8.30pm (7hrs) - $52.50 (Weekdays / Eve PH) & $63.20 Weekend & PH
  • 9pm to 6am (9hrs) - $46 (Mon to Thurs, Sunday and PH) & $52.50 Fri, Sat & Eve PH

DBest Pro Pond
DBest Pro Pond

Pro Pond Rates
Charges for DBest Pro Pond is hourly as follows;

  • $30 for 1 hour,
  • $50 for 2 hours & $70 for 3 hours

    D'Best Sure Catch PondDBest Sure Catch Pond

    Sure Catch Pond Rates
    Opens daily 10am to 10pm & 9am to 10pm for weekends and PH.

    • $20 for your first catch at $20
    • Subsequent catches at $15  

     D'Bbest Premium Pond
    DBest Pasir Ris Premium Pond

    Premium Pond Rates

    • $160 for 2hrs
    • $200 for 3hours