Best Fishing Ponds in Singapore

We look at the top Fishing Ponds in Singapore. Their Rates, Types of Fishes, best baits/lures you can use to catch fish.

D'Best Saltwater Fishing Pond (24hrs)
290 Pasir Ris Centra (S)519637

Fishing Rate; 
Opens Daily; 24hrs

Fishes ; Snappers, Mangrove Jack, Sea bass, Pomfret, Groupers, Red Drum (redfish), Giant Travelly

Located at Pasir Ris Town Park! D'Best covers a whopping 5 hectares including the Park and is easily the largest pay pond in Singapore.

The Pond has served a multitude of purposes. From a mine lake, it became part of the’Golden Palace Holiday Resort’in 1967 to a fish fry research and development centre after. In 1989, National Parks Board put the pond up for tender and build Singapore’s first ever seawater pond. More impressively, the angling pond is Southeast Asia’s biggest seawater pay pond.

Ah Lim's Saltwater Fishing Pond
281 Neo Tiew Crescent Singapore, (S)718901

Fishing Rate; $60 for 3hrs
Opens Daily; 8am to 11pm
Extend an additional hour @ $28 (1hr extensions only available on weekdays exc PH)

Fishes ; Taiwan Ngor, Pomfret, Seabass, Mangrove Jack, Red Snapper, Giant Trevally, Yellow Fin, Grouper and Dragon Grouper.

You can bring home your catches of the day as long as the fish are below 6kg. Fishes weighing 6kg and above are required to be released back into the pond. Customers will then be given extra 3 hours of complimentary fishing!

Auntie's Saltwater Fishing Pond
291 Neo Tiew Crescent Singapore, (S)718903

Fishing Rate; $62 for 3hrs
Opens Daily; 8am to 11pm

Fishes ; Snappers, Mangrove Jack, Sea bass, Pomfret, Groupers, Red Drum (redfish), Giant Travelly

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