The 5 Fishing Ponds in Singapore and their Rates

The 5 Fishing Pay Ponds in Singapore

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Yes Pay Ponds will cost you Money but Your chances of landing a fish is almost 99.9%. Here are the the 5 Fishing pay ponds in Singapore, their openings hours and rates.


1. Gills Fishing (24hrs)

Gills Fishing Pond

Image Credit : KH ChongGills Fishing

Located at Marina Country Club, 11 Northshore Dr, (S)828670 (See Map)

Gills Fishing pond is located inside Punggol Marina (Marina Country Club) and is built on swimming pool foundation!

Gill Fishing Rates

  • 1hr ($30), 4hrs ($60),
  • 6hrs ($60), (6pm to 12am) or (6am to 12pm) or (12am to 6am)
  • 12hrs ($100), 12am to 12pm
  • 24hrs ($180)

    2. Fishing Paradise @ Orto

    Monster Hunt at Orto

    Chao Phraya Catfish caught Using a Rapala Monster Hunt Rod

    Fishing Paradise at ORTO

    Orto Pond

    Orto Pond


    Located at 81 Lor Chencharu, (S)769198 (See Map)

    Orto will be closing by mid 2023. So enjoy this place while it is still available!

    Fishing Paradise Rates;

    • 1hr at $13, 2hrs at $26, 3hrs at $39 & 12 hrs at $65
    • Weekday Special Rate
      • 6 hrs  at $45 (Adult after 5pm)
      • 6 hrs at $40 (Students, NSF, Retiree)
    Equipment rental for Main Pond is $6 + $1 (Rig). Fishing Guide is $35 for up to 5pax for 3hrs (advance booking required).


      3. D'Best Saltwater Ponds
      There are 4 Ponds at Dbest

      I. D'Best Main Pond (24hrs)

      Dbest Main Pond

      DBest Fishing

      94 Pasir Ris Central, (S)769198 (See Map)

      DBest Main Pond Rates

      • There are No Hourly Rates for Main Pond
      • 7hrs (7am to 2pm); $52.50 (Weekdays & Eve PH) & $63.20 (Weekend & PH)
      • 7hrs (2.30pm to 8.30pm); $52.50 (Weekdays & Eve PH) & $63.20 (Weekend & PH)
      • 9hrs (9pm to 6am); $46 (Mon to Thur, Sun & PH) & $52.50 (Fri, Sat & Eve PH)

        II. D'Best Pro Pond

        Dbest Premium Pond

          DBest Pro Pond Rates; 
          1 Hr for $30, 2 Hrs for $50 & 3 Hrs for $70


          III. D'Best Premium Pond

          Dbest Premium Pond Rates

          DBest Premium Pond Rates
          2 Hr for $160 & 3 Hrs for $300

          IV. D'Best SureCatch Pond

          Dbest Surecatch Pond

          D'Best Sure Catch Pond
          First Catch at $20, Additional Catch at $15


          4. Auntie's Saltwater Fishing Pond

          Auntie Saltwater Fishing Pond
          Image Credit : Auntie's Fishing Pond
          Groupers at ah Lim Pond


          291 Neo Tiew Cres, (S) 718903 (See Map)

          Nestled in the pristine wetlands of Sungei Buloh, Auntie's Fishing Pond combines rustic charm with a unique fishing experience. Here you can catch Snappers, Mangrove Jack, Sea bass, Pomfret, Groupers, Red Drum (redfish), Giant Travell

          • Opens from 8am to 11pm
          • 3 Hrs for $65 (extension $45 for 2hrs)


          5. Angler's Playground Catch & Release (By Appt Only)

          Anglers Paradise

          Huge Seabass

          Angler's Playground Catch & Release

          291 Neo Tiew Cres, (S) 718903 (See Map). Located beside Aunty's Pond!

          Anglers Playground is a Catch and Release pond. This is a place for anglers to experience the thrill & fun of Catching Giant Trevally & Other Big Fish. 

          The pond is only open 3 times a week (The remaining days are for the fish to recuperate). Please reserve a slot before going down. A Non Refundable deposit of $80 is required to secure your date. The slots here are very limited, so please book in advance. A max of 5 anglers is allowed a day. 
          • Weekday session (Tue & Thurs Only)
            • $180 for 2hrs, 1-3 anglers.
            • 9 am to 11am Only
            • Includes 5kgs of berley (fish meat )
            • To top up is $30.00 for another 3kgs of berley

          • Saturday / Public Holiday session
            • $260 for 2hrs, 1-3 anglers.
            • 9am to 11am Only
            • Includes 8kgs of berley.

          • Other Terms
            • Recommended tackles: PE2 and above, moderate casting required.
            • Only artificial baits are allowed; e.g. Soft plastics, hard-body Etc.
            • Only 01 Single barbless hook is allowed on any lure at all times.


          6. Ah Lim's Fishing Pond
          (24hrs on Weekends & PH)

          Ah Lim's Fishing Pond

          281 Neo Tiew Cres, (S) 718901 (See Map)

          Fishes at Ah Lims Pond includes Taiwan Ngor, Pomfret, Seabass, Mangrove Jack, Red Snapper, Giant Trevally, Yellow Fin, Grouper and Dragon Grouper. You can bring home your catches of the day for fishes below 6kg. Fishes weighing 6kg and above are required to be released back into the pond. In return, customers will then be given an extra 3 hours of complimentary fishing!

          • 3 Hrs - $60 and Additional Hr at $28
          • 24hrs on Weekend & Public Holiday & Weekdays - 2pm-6am


          E.D.S. Saltwater Pro Pond

          (Pond is Closed with effect 20 June 2022)

          70 Pasir Ris Farmway 3 (See Map)

          E.D.S. Saltwater Pro Pond used to be located at at Pasir Ris Farmway 3 Lot 70, S518234, within the same compound as Iwarna Catch and Release Pond. Their previous charges as $50 (3hrs) 


          What to Take Note when doing Pond Fishing

          Saltwater Ponds

          Pond fishes develops new habits and they don't feed aggressively 24/7. First you must understand the type of fish your are targeting, the size of the Pond and how they feed (especially if it is a big pond like Orto or Dbest).

          • Barramundi (Kim Bak Lor)
            They are usually found in mid water feeders and they like a good chase. A setup of soft plastic bait with a light 7g jighead will work best. Do a faster retrieve faster or lift up the rod to prevent it from sinking to the bottom. The Barramundi in Pasir Ris Main Pond seems to take lure throughout the day, but the frenzy are usually in early mornings. Like they say, the early bird catches the juiciest worm.

          • Snappers & Mangrove jacks
            Work the lure near or at the bottom. Snappers and mangrove jacks seems to take lures more during the later part of the day. Using a Pond rig will work well for snappers & mangrove jacks. 

          Fresh Water Ponds

          If you are fishing at Orto (fresh water pond), you need frog baits or live fish baits e.g Lampam fish. Live Lampam (tinfoil barb) will help you land that famous Chao Phraya Catfish (CPC) at Orto. 

          Lampam is one of the best freshwater live bait in Singapore. It is a striking fish with shiny silver scales that will attract predators especially the Chao Phraya Catfish. A 4 to 5 inch will be sufficient unless you are after the monster fishes there, then use a 8 to 10inch Lampam. The good news is that Orto is filled with lampans. Use small baits and cast them out. You only have to wait a few seconds or minutes before lampans starts rolling in. 

          • Rigs to use for Live Lampam
            Use Floating rig if you are targeting topwater to midwater fishes. Use a Float rig with split shot sinker around 6 inch long. Hook the lampam at the back, right in front of the dorsal fin so as to not kill it. Then, just put the lampam into the water and let it swim out into the open

          • Rigs to use for Chicken baits
            Single Apollo rig with 1 hook snood if targetting bottom feeding fishes. Recommended sinker size 2 (55g) or 3 (80g)

            Chicken liver is another popular bait at pay ponds especially when targeting carnivorous catfish. They give out a lot of stench that attracts fishes, making it very effective. The only challenge is that chicken livers will turn soft and mushy when exposed directly to the sun, making it slightly hard to stay on the hook. You can solve this by adding chicken hearts as stoppers to prevent the live from sliding out.

          Understanding Fish Feeding Patterns

          But since new fishes are constantly added to the ponds, their feeding pattern changes from time to time. When fishing in ponds, consider casting your fishing line close to structure such as docks, trees or submerged logs. These types of areas provide food, shelter, and shade for fish. You may also want try any areas where there is more water movement, such as near a fountain or stream.

          Our Favourite Rod for Pond Fishing

          Monster Hunt Junior

          Monster Hunt Junior

          There are a couple of Rods that we like for Pond Fishing. These are our 2 favourite; 

          • Rapala Trailblazer Monster Hunt Junior
            This Rod is strong, durable and good for luring. Comes in 4pc which makes it a handy rod when travelling. This rod can handle a monster fish! More Info on Monster Hunt
          • Seahawk Ultralight Rod 
            This setup sports an impressive max drag of up to 13kg for some serious fighting action! When we were in Barelang fishing for massive groupers, the rod easily handles a 10kg Grouper. More Info on Seahawk Set

            For big ponds like Dbest, a light setup to help you cast further. Use 10 to 15lbs braid, 10g jigs. For soft plastic bait, try storm soft vibe, our famous Squishy Lagoons or zman rubber.

          Hope You find Tip Useful & Happy Fishing

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