13 Sweet Spots for Your Saltwater Fishing in Singapore & Types of Fish to Catch!

Saltwater Fishing in Singapore & Types of FishesSalt Water Fish in Singapore

Here are the 13 Sweet Spots in Singapore for Your Saltwater Fishing and Types of Fishes you can expect to get. If you have new spots, feel free to drop us a message and we will be happy to give them a try before adding them to the lists.

 1. Woodlands Jetty (Map)

Barracudas and Barramundis but Rare

 2. Sembawang Park Jetty (Map)

Squid, Catfish & Diamond Trevally, Red Snapper

3. Punggol Point Jetty (Map)

Punggol Jetty

Punggol jetty

Barramundi, Sand whiting, Rabbitfish, Grouper, Diamond trevally

4. Pasir Ris Park

Marine Catfish, Stingray

5. Pulau Ubin

Pulau Ubin

Within Pulau Ubin, Barramundi, Mangrove jack, Mud Crab
Pulau Ubin Sea, Mangrove jack, Stingray, Leatherjacks, Mackeral

  1. Jelutong Bridge (a.ka Baramundi Den)
  2. Puaka Bridge (aka Ghost Bridge)
  3. Nordin Beach (Currently Closed)
  4. Mamam Campsite
  5. Jelutong Campsite
  6. Ubin Main Jetty

Fishing is prohibited at all quarries in Ubin & Chek Jawa

6. Changi Beach Park

Changi Beach Park

Fishing Zone; Area A Map | Area B Map  | Area C Map
Sickle Fish, Stingray, Shark, Coral Fish, Shovelnose Shark

Changi Boardwalk
Good for eging. Stingray & Squid

7. Bedok Jetty (Map)

Bedok Jetty

Tamban Fishing at Bedok Jetty

The famous Jetty in Singapore. Do you know that on 30 July 2020, an angler known as Alo caught a gigantic 80kg leopard whipray at Bedok Jetty. It took him nearly three hours to pull it in. It is said that he caught the fish around 7pm and only manage to reeled it in around 10pm.

Bedok Jetty is the Home of Tamban Fish & also Queenfish. Due to it being infested by Tamban fish, the jetty attracts many other fishes like Queenfish, Squid, Octopus, Stingray, Cobia, Selar, Trevali, Snapper and Barramundi. However dont get too excited about landing a big fish here. The fish at Bedok Jetty are smart and knows how to avoid your baits. It takes patience, skill and the right lure/rig/bait to catch them.

Here are some ways to land a fish at Bedok Jetty;

  • Ajing Fishing / Ultralight Setup to Catch Scads
  • Bottom Fishing to catch groupers (effective at night using squids)
  • Surfcasting from the end of the Jetty (advance anglers)
  • Use Multi Species Rigs to haunt more scads, snappers
  • Tamban Fishing Using Tamban Rigs

If you drive, you can get free parking at carpark F1 & F2.

8. East Coast Park (Map)

East Coast Park

There are many fishing spots within East Coast park. There are 31 water breakers along East Coast and many are infested with groupers. Unfortunately, these groupers are smart and not easy to catch. You can also try jigging from the breakers to catch pelagic fishes. If you have a surfcasting rod, you can cast from shore and try to land a Big Stingray. 

9. Labrador Nature Reserve

Queen Fish, Selar Heaven (Scad Fish), Cobia, Stingray, Sharks, Squid

10. Labrador Jetty (Map)

Labrador Jetty

Labrador Park Jetty

Labrador Jetty

Labrador Park Jetty

Using small shrimps on Multi Species Rigs or similiar Rigs with 2 hooks, can be effective in catching Scads a.ka Selar. Use Hook size 6. 

Stingray, Scad / Selar, Squid, parrot fish, tamban

11. Marina South Pier

Marina south pier
Marina South Fishing Spot
Mackerel, Grouper, Selar, Needle Fish

12. West Coast Park

Information not ready yet

13. St John Island

St John Island

Black Tip Shark, Grouper, Snapper, Trevally, Parrot fish, Cobia, Golden snapper and Spanish flag snapper, Needle Fish, Oysters, Mussels.

Please bring your own food & drinks to St John Island. You cannot buy food or drinks and there are no vending machines on the island. There is a small food stall that sells economic rice and several stalls selling snacks and drinks at Marina South Pier before boarding the ferry.

Ajing Fishing

Ajing Fishing aka Finesse Fishing is a specialised style of fishing that has gained a lot of popularity in Singapore. It uses ultra light tackle targeting yellowtail, Tamban and selar. We use lures such as soft plastics, minnows and jigs etc and only sensitive ultralight spinning rods and very light lines. Due to the extremely light setup, you will be able to feel the strikes during every catch. In fact, the feel of the rod is intoxicating.

Ajing Spots » Bedok Jetty, Sembawang Jetty, Labrador Jetty, Marina South Pier
Rods » SGFR Ajing Rod (AquaLite)
Equipment » AJVM Salty Bites, Mustad Ajing Jighead, Mustad Aji Worm, Decoy Jighead
Line To Use » Pinky Line or Mustad Thor

How to Catch Groupers

Location » Groupers are available everywhere in SG. Giant Groupers are found at Southern part of Singapore e.g St John Island or Southern islands (via Boat)

Use Crank baits (aka Shad Dancer ) if you are near breakwater (at St John island or Bedok Jetty)
Use SGFR Bottom Offshore Rig for bottom fishing (On Boat or Jetty)

Fishing Rods 
» SGFR AquaX Gold works for 1-5kg Groupers
» Shimano Cruzar (Boat Rod) is good for Bigger Groupers (Pair with Bottom Offshore Rig Using Hook Size 3/0 or 4/0)
» Storm Discovery (Luring Rod) can also land you a grouper by using crank baits or jigging from breakwaters. 

Jetty Fishing
New Angler » Use AquaX Rod, you get a free kit to try. 
Experience Angler

» Use Surfcasting Rods to throw your bait out to deeper waters.

Use Tamban rigs to get the abundance of Tamban Fish at Bedok and Labrador Jetty

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