7 Things to do at Bedok Reservoir!

From scenic views to zip lining, freshwater fishing, birdwatching, kayaking with friends, Bedok Reservoir is never short of things to do!

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Bedok Reservoir Fun fact;
It will take 3.6mil people, drinking 20litres a day for 6 consecutive months to dry this reservoir.

Bedok Reservoir has a surface area of 880,000 m², and a capacity of 12.8 million m³. She used to be a sand quarry. Construction work to convert it to a reservoir began in 1983 by PUB and was completed in 1986 at a cost of S$277 million. 

Today Bedok Reservoir Park is the go-to place of many anglers, joggers and water sports enthusiasts alike. Many anglers gather there and cast their rods in hopes of hooking their next big catch while water sports enthusiasts and adrenaline junkies frequent the park to dragon boat, kayak, and wakeboard.

Here are 7 popular activities to do at Bedok Reservoir:

  1. Freshwater Fishing
  2. Water Sports (i.e., dragon boating and kayaking)
  3. Running, Cycling & Inline Skating
  4. Forest Adventure – Obstacle courses for all ages
  5. Bird Watching
  6. Destress @ the Floating Deck
  7. Enjoy and explore the places to eat nearby


1. Freshwater Fishing

Bedok Reservoir is one of Singapore's top 5 fishing spots. If you are an angler, this 9m (mean depth of 9 m, with a maximum depth of 18.2 m) deep reservoir is not to be missed! Bedok Reservoir has a wide variety of marine life here. The most popular species caught here are Speckled peacock bass (Temensis), Butterfly peacock bass, and Zebra tilapia. Other fishes lurking in the water includes Tarpon fish, African walking catfish, armoured sucker catfish, freshwater stingray, Chao Phraya Catfish and Giant Snakehead (Toman). 

Best hour to fish here is at 6 am to 8am.

Meet The Bedok Reservoir Temensis Hunter

While you’re up fishing, keep an eye out for Ihsan, one of our friends and field testers who fishes there daily from 6.30am to 8.30am. He loves catching Temensis and his favourite lure is the Everest Quick Catch.

The 3 Main Fishing Spots at Bedok Reservoir?

You can fish along the three blue areas and the assigned fishing deck as shown on the map below. There are also signs and instructions located on site as well. Please note that you are strictly not allowed to fish from the jetty or from the floating deck. See Map below;

Always Fish Responsibly

The use of live bait in reservoirs is banned as it may contaminate our reservoirs. These rules are enforced by PUB to ensure safety and water quality. Fishing in non-designated areas is dangerous and pose safety risks to pedestrians and reservoir users. 

Only Fish at Designated Spots!
No Fishing Zones @ Bedok Reservoir

There are many CCTVs around the No Fishing Zones. Those caught fishing illegally, or using live bait at reservoirs, can be fined up to $3,000. If you spot anyone fishing illegally, call the PUB hotline at 1800-2255-782. Look out for the Fishing Signs placed around the reservoir to know where you can fish.

If you are fishing here, dont forget to drop by to our SGFishingRigz store. We are always happy to share tips and hear of your fishing adventures. We are located at Blk 139 Tampines Street 11, #01-34, (S)521139, near The Round Market, aka Pasar Bulat.

2. Water Sports
(i.e., dragon boating and kayaking)

It’s time for a splash! Rent some dragon boats and kayaks at PAssion WaVe @ Bedok Reservoir. Interested parties should be aware that payments for rentals must be paid 30 minutes after opening and before closure.

Water-Venture at Bedok Reservoir.

You may make reservations online

Update (as at 22 June 2022): Activities in this facility are being put on hold due to renovations taking place. Do contact 9710 1697 if you have any additional enquiries. 

3. Running, Cycling & Inline Skating

The Best cycling route for families. Need to find a safe and scenic spot for kids to cycle in Singapore? Bedok Reservoir has it all. Enjoy the pebbly walks, fresh breezes sweeping across the reservoir, and a well-paved, flat surface.

Level of difficulty: Easy
Cycling Route: A circuit of Bedok Reservoir Park (4.3km)

SkateXtreme at Bedok Reservoir Park


If you’d like to try inline skating, SkateXtreme holds sessions every weekend and offers one trial lesson at any of its outdoor venues for only $10. What a steal! Call +65 8763 2165 to find out more.

4. Forest Adventure
Obstacle courses for all ages

Less interested in water activities? Then this is the one for you! Bring your friends and family to explore the different types of obstacle courses available! There are three different types available at Forest Adventure: The Grand course, The Junior course, and The Kids course. Each of these courses has a range of high elements that are appropriate for people of all ages.

This location might be the best for bringing out your inner Tarzan, with prices starting at $39 per person. Also available with a 10% discount is their Buddy Package, which starts at $180 for 4 people.

Forest Adventure

5. Bird Watching

Explore Bedok Reservoir's 4.7-km loop trail that is close to Central Singapore. It takes an average of 1 hour, 9 minutes to complete this easy route which is wheelchair and kid friendly. You can catch a variety of majestic birds flying along the reservoir and along its gardens.

You may come across birds such as the Sunda Pygmy Woodpecker, White Bellied Sea eagle, Golden-bellied Gerygone, and White-breasted Waterhen. While you’re there, don’t forget to catch the beautiful sunset reflecting on the reservoir around 6 to 7pm.

Birdsinging Club @ Bedok Reservoir

If you're a fan of singing birds, here's the place for you. Bird owners gather here to show off their finest songbirds. Bird singing is a social activity not just for the birds, but also the people. When the birds can hear each other sing, they feel at ease, and it's a good time for bird owners to get together and interact with their friends.

You won't find them as much here due to the hot sun. Normally, the owners will bring their birds in the cooler morning. 


7. DeStress @ Floating Deck
Nice Place to Boost Your Inner Energy 

We also recommend going to the floating deck, near the Activity Lawn event location, which gives a breath-taking view of the entire reservoir. 

Being in nature can reduce stress, boost your inner energy, and connect with a power higher than your own. There is magnificence, strength, and beauty in nature and that is humbling. As you stare at the waters and feel the air flow through your body and hear the sound of birds chirping away, you will be part of nature, as nature is a part of you. So, take a moment to feel that connection. Of course do this in the morning or evening and not at 12pm unless you are looking for suntan.

Floating Deck @ Bedok Reservoir


7. Makan Time?
Enjoy and Explore the places to eat nearby

After all the destressing, you will be hungry :-). Here are some of the are many cuisines you can find in and around Bedok Reservoir Park.


58 Prawn Noodle and Minced Meat Noodle

A humble coffee shop situated on the outskirts of Bedok Reservoir Park, serves delectable prawn mee. To know you’re in the right place, simply look around to see if the majority of customers are eating prawn mee served in the same style of utensils. Two signboards make up the menu, with minced meat noodles on the right and mainly prawn noodles on the left.

Location: 704 Bedok Reservoir Rd, Singapore 470704
Opening Hours: 6am - 4pm.
Closed Every Monday.
Business Contact: 9337 1899



Refuel Café (Near HDB Reservoir Village)

Known as The Hidden Gem at Bedok Reservoir. This bunch café serves a wide variety of food and beverages, from Pasta to Desserts and Coffee to Alcohol. Many people praised its affordability and all-around delicious food in their reviews.

Opening Hours: 9am-9pm.
Location: 744 Bedok Reservoir Rd, #01-3029, Singapore 470744
Closed Every Tuesday.
Business Contact: 6448 0015

Wawawa - Bistro By The River

In the sculpture garden of Singapore's Bedok Reservoir Park lies the full-service cafe and restaurant Wawawa. The eatery offers a wide selection of reasonably priced "comfort" food that is influenced by German culinary customs. A coffeehouse with a dessert bar, magazines, and room for live performances can be found in the café section.

Opening Hours: 5pm to 12am (Weekdays) & 11 am to 12 am (Weekends).
Location: 901 Bedok Reservoir Rd, Singapore 479266
Business Contact: 6285 8038


How to get to Bedok Reservoir?

Nearest MRT Station

Take the Downtown Line from Tampines MRT to Bedok Reservoir MRT.

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