Barelang Saltwater Fishing Pond! The Place for Massive 30kg Size Groupers

We Spend a Day at the Famous Barelang Saltwater Pond at Batam and this is what we Caught! 

Everest Quickcatch Lure

Barelang Pond @ Jalam Transbarelang Jembatan IV Pulau Setokok, Batam

Barelang Pond is Open 24hrs.
Biggest Fish Caught was a 50kg Grouper!
45mins from Main Ferry terminal

Address : Jalan Transbarelang Jembatan IV Pulau Setokok - Batam, Bulang, Pulau Setokok, Kec. Bulang, Kota Batam, Kepulauan Riau 32121, Indonesia

About The Barelang Pond

They have a total of four catch and release ponds. Each pond has depths of 8 to 10 metres, all of which has 300 to 600 variety of fishes. Whilst you are there, it would be a good idea to maximise your chances of landing a giant by trying out all four ponds at least once. If you need to catch a specific species, simply approach their ever friendly staff for help. There is also one family pond (6,) which is suitable for the little ones!

Barelang Fishing Pond at Batam

Massive Groupers are Everywhere at Barelang Pond!

Barelang Fishing Pond at Batam

Grouper at Barelang Fishing Pond

Barelang Fishing for Groupers


Our Setup

Of course, we have to use our Everest Big Game Rod and our favourite Shimano Soccorro spooled with everest 30lbs braid. 

Everest Big Game Rod

The Grouper has No Chance against The Everest Big Game! 😆

Everest Big Game in Action

Grouper Caught on Everest Big Game

Huge Giant Grouper Caught with Everest Biggame Rod


Next Challenge!
Lets See if Our Quickcatch Lures will work here! 

Well, honestly, we think anything works here. Even if you use an empty hook, you may still get a bite. But still, we think the groupers love the quickcatch. 

Everest Quickcatch Lure Purple Scad

Look at That Smile! 

Everest Quickcatch Lure


Last & Final Challenge!
We put our Single Apollo Rig to Test! Let's see if the Rig can really Hold up a 30Kg Fish!

We tried the single Apollo (Size 3/0 with 40lbs Mono Line)

Single Apollo Rig at Barelang Batam

Fish on with Single Apollo Rig

Woohooo! We caught the Biggest Fish of the Day using our SGFishingRigz Single Apollo Rig. A 35kg Grouper & The Rig is still Intact! 

Grouper Caught with Single Apollo Rig35Kg Grouper Caught on a Single Apollo Rig 

Barelang Pond is a Place for All Anglers!

This place works for everyone including beginners. If you are new, use a heavier setup so that your rod can help you hold on to the fish. If you are more experienced, use a lighter setup and you will get a chance to fight the fish using your skill and experience. In any case, its a 100% hook rate. The groupers here provide the power and strength that gives you that quick adrenaline rush! A good equipment will make it easier to land the fish. 

If you need help, ask the assigned fishing caddies to help you land and release the fish so that you can focus on fishing. They can also help you tie your leaders and hooks. But do give then a good tip when you are done. 

If you are not into fishing, this place is also a nice place for your family to chill and relax (while you are running around). The air is crisp, fresh and it is fun to sit and just soak in the atmosphere.

More Info About Our Setup Here;

1. Everest Biggame Fishing Rod
2. Shimano Socorro
3. Everest Surecatch Lures
4. Single Apollo Rigs


Estimated Day Trip Cost

Set aside S$300 for a comfortable day trip to Barelang

√ $70 for Singapore Ferry Ticket (Return trip) to Batam
√ $35 for 3 hours fishing at Barelang Pond
√ $5-$10 to tip the caddies at Barelang
√ $10 for Travel Insurance. Better to be safe even though it is a day trip.
√ $70 for Car Rental with driver. Driver will pick you up from Jetty, and accompany you for the whole day. You can ask him to bring you to the best eating places and spots in Batam. If you are on a budget, use Gojek ($20).
√ $100 for Misc expenses especially if you like to shop or enjoy a nice foot massage before you head back to Singapore. 

Fishing Rods Sets Below $200

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