8 Secret Tips to Catching Snappers in Singapore

Finger Mark Snapper

Snappers are a common fish in Singapore.
The most common snapper locally is the Golden Snapper (a.k.a Ang Chor), Red Snapper (a.k.a Ang Kuey, Ikan Merah) and John's Snapper (Ang Zhor). Mangrove Jack is also part of the Snapper family.  Snappers are generally a one fish cooks all type of fish. 

8 Tips on Catching Snappers  

1. Snapper likes Sandy Terrain

Snappers at Bottom Feeders

Snapper when they reach 1 to 2 kilos, they like to school around sandy terrain. They like places where they are lot of sand where the can root around at the bottom for worms, crabs etc. So look for sandy areas when you are targetting snappers. 

2. Snappers are Bottom Feeders

John Snapper caught with Double Apollo Rig

Snappers like to root around in the sand. They create holes when they look for food and they always feed along the bottom of the seabed. While fishing for snappers, make sure that your bait is not too far above the seabed. Rigs such as Single Apollo or Double Apollo Rigs will do well. Alternatively, you can also use a long snood bottom feeder rig. Make sure your bait is as slose to the seabed as possible.

3. Snappers Are Fussy Eaters

Red Snapper

Snappers are not particular about the type bait. They eat almost anything from worms, small fish, squid, crab, snails and mussels. But they are more particular and very fussy about bait freshness. Using kelong sotong or fresh dead prawn, fresh mussels or live prawns works better. Kelong sotong or kelong prawn means the prawn/squid has never touch fresh water before as compared to those sold in the markets. 


4. Best Time to Catch Snappers?

Early morning and evening is the best time for snapper, since many fish feed at night and rely on low light for camouflage, especially in shallow water.


5. Be Prepared to Get Catfish & Stingray Instead

Image Credit by Jives Fishing

Snappers are sandy terrain creatures. These sandy terrain is also home to catfish and stingray and they are in abundance here. This means the chances of hooking a catfish and stingray is much higher than getting a snapper. But as long as you are hooking them, it means you are at the right place, just dont give up and keep trying. 


6. Use Strong Hooks

While snappers are not very sensitive to thick leader lines like other fishes. They have a hard mouth structure. If you try knocking on their cheeks, you will understand why.

This means you need strong hooks to set them. Remember to leave your hooks exposed. You dont want the bait to get in the way once a snapper bite your bait.  An exposed hook, will make it easier to hook the snapper. 

7. Rigs, Jigs or Tenya Are Most Effective

Snapper Caught Fishing Rig

Tenya Fishing for Snappers

As they are bottom terrain creatures, Jigs, tenya & Rigs are the best method to catch them. Bringing the rights setups will also land you more fish. When fishing at St John Islands or offshore, bring heavier setups as compared to when fishing at Jetty.

Sport fishermen love to go after the red snapper because of the fight. Red snappers are can be found at both deep water and shallow dwellers. They usually crowd together nearby protective structures such as piers, coral reefs. 

Red Snapper are one of the tastiest fish; mild, slightly sweet fish. The meat is lean and moist with a firm texture, making it a versatile ingredient in cooking. Red snappers don't taste “fishy” compared to many other fish varieties, making them ideal for kids and people who prefer mild-flavored food

8. Final Tip, Keep Casting

You wont catch a fish in every fishing trip. It is common to catch nothing. Just dont give up and keep trying. Dont be too disheartened, keep reading and getting tips and keep trying. So anyway, keep casting.

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